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August 12, 2017 18:06

Step by step instructions on the mosaic tiles on the grid

Mosaic began to get widespread popularity with the increasing possibilities in the choice of finishing materials.However, if used for our ancestors it was a "piece" work, now laying mosaic tiles can be done fairly quickly.There is no need to fix each mosaic element separately, if you can buy the whole sheets or even individual panels.

attractive in this regard, the mosaic on the grid.It is considered a good alternative to the usual for us the tile.The main advantage of such a mosaic - easy decoration.And considering its resistance to moisture and temperature changes, it can be used in almost any environment.

laying - mosaic - tile - 1

rules laying mosaic tiles

But before we take for finishing premises this material should be familiar with the "basics," such clearance.The basis of the tiles is a grid on which the cell.It is easy to cut and fit.

  1. tile is better to begin to lay the surface of the center or from the most illuminated portion thereof.The fact that all the tiles (grid) have a certain size, therefore, un
    likely that their "lies" is an integer.Practice shows that the net is often necessary to cut.Thereof and therefore must be located at the edges, in the most dark places where they will not be so noticeable.
  2. When you create a drawing, you must first make it a sketch.If the pattern of large-format, you have to remember what the scale.
  3. adhesive composition is usually printed on the mosaic.Its color should be either white or approach the color tiles.It is better to consult on its composition from the seller, because here plays the role of the surface material is issued and the conditions in the room (temperature, humidity).Recommended Latex adhesive.But mastic use is strictly prohibited.

Mosaic - laying

mosaic stacking technology

Before starting any work on surface finishing, it should be prepared.It should be understood that the paint or wallpaper paste over can not entirely flat surface.However, when it comes to mosaic grid, the higher the requirements for flatness.Aligning many ways, as a different material for the work.

evenness walls can be checked as follows: Rake taken long enough (about 2 m) and one of its sides rubbed chalk.After that, it is this side, horizontally, is applied to the wall.It remains, holding rail to the surface and slowly lower it down.Those places that are not painted with chalk - the "trough."It remains to them repaired, plastered and then "check out" the wall.

laying -finish

First you need to make the layout of the wall.Naturally, the wall should be dry.It is possible to fix the mosaic sheets, for example, on the wall (insulating tape, scotch tape) and a pencil to outline the boundaries.This will make laying flat, without distortions.Then, on a wall surface applied adhesive.its drying time of about 15 minutes, so you need to determine how many sheets during this time can be laid.Such a handle portion and an adhesive.

On sheet as the adhesive is applied (it improves the quality of bonding), then tile is applied (to the paper itself) to the marked location.It needs to be carefully "rolled" - this is good rubber roller, for example.

After drying, the adhesive quality (30 minutes), the tile surface is abundantly wetted with water.Paper coating soak, and then easily removed.It has done grout tile joints Two days later, as I said.On the packaging with the composition has in its instruction manual.When the mosaic surface is dry (after removing the grout), its carefully polished with a soft cloth.

Important notes

necessary to maintain the same distance between the sheets when adhered, which will be equal to the distance between the mosaic tiles.

The room temperature should be not less than five and not more than 30 degrees C.