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August 12, 2017 18:06

We put carpet with his hands - the best four ways

Carpeting - it is a floor covering that is also what gives the whole room an attractive appearance, provides good sound and heat insulation.But, without a doubt, its main advantage is that you can lay boards with his hands on almost any material (concrete, wood, and so on. D.).However, carpet flooring technology is different and depends on several factors.

No need to explain that the floor in the room to be prepared.It is necessary not only to sweep all the garbage and make wet cleaning.If there are cracks, they should be immediately repaired.Strong irregularities should also be "eliminated" since they will be seen and after laying the carpet.

carpet - laying

Application Method carpet

Bezkleevy method

This method is appropriate to apply, if the room is small and all interior items from it taken out.Buy carpet should be a small margin, to be able to slightly bend the edges of the walls (under the plinth).Better roll coating using a special roller.And this is done on the premise center to the edges.This achiev

es a more close contact with the floor carpet and remove any air bubbles.

Along the walls of the material is cut off (if necessary) so that was about 5 cm. In the corners of the room makes an incision and wrapped carpet on the wall.It remains only to fix its plinth.In the threshold area of ​​the material is attached to the floor of a decorative metal profile.


So laid carpet, or if the room is large, and there often occur some rearrangements, such as furniture.Carpeting first rolled out all over the floor.After that, on the one hand (long, rectangular room if), he wraps up half the room center.Has opened wrong side smeared with special glue, then this half fits into place.It needs to be qualitatively "rolled" to ensure the reliability of the material coupling with the floor.

Bonding of the second half is done in the same way.The remaining steps are similar to the glueless method - just Bends and fasten the plinth.


When scotch

aid is used, if the carpet is laid on a relatively short time.For example, the owners of the home prefer to regularly change the interior design.Carpeting, attached with adhesive tape, can be easily removed.Scotch double-sided use, and it is glued along the walls around the perimeter of the room.All the technology is dense packing material and carefully proglazhivanii in places where the scotch tape.

few pieces

This method is used as a last resort, and is used if the room dimensions larger than the area of ​​carpet, or it has a complex configuration.There can be two options.Pieces of carpet stacked or overlapping (about 5 mm), or butt.It is desirable to be adjusted so that the junction pieces or was not particularly prominent place, or in line with the wall, for example.

In any case, the connection should place a decorative cover profile to the edge of the carpet is not "shaggy".Therefore, the profile of the strip should not be in the place where it will be too discordant with the entire floor surface and evident.

Quite often when self-laying carpet "home" Wizard forget (or ignore) of this element, as a "substrate".But it is not only smooths the bumps, but also greatly increases the life of the coating operation.