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August 12, 2017 18:06

Step by step instructions for proper gluing fiberglass

Wallpapers of fiberglass rolls are sold.This material, because of its strength, it is possible to cover the surface before plastering or painting.It securely closes wall defects (small cracks), increase the reliability of partitions of relatively brittle material (drywall, plywood, polystyrene).However, to achieve excellent results, you need to know how to stick the fiberglass.

fiberglass - glue

Procedure for gluing

As before any design surface, the wall should be prepared.The list of such measures depends on the type of the previous finish, but in the end wall must be cleaned of old material, leveled, washed and well dried.

The surface necessarily covered by soil composition.It provides a good "coupling" of glue to the surface and "closes" invisible remnants of construction dust particles, thereby increasing the bonding strength.

steklooboi Wallpapers cut into the desired band.As well as paper, they lend themselves well to scissors or a knife.You need to know that these wallpapers have a front portion and a wrong

side, although "by eye", and sometimes not define.Manufacturers rolled them into rolls inside out.For some models, it is designated a color stripe.

used as special adhesive composition, or sold already diluted, or as a dry mixture.It must be designed to work with glass.Keep in mind that the adhesive quickly "grasped", so they need to process only the portion of the wall, which will be applied stripe.It only smeared on the wall, but not at the wallpaper, as is done when working with others of their species.

Unlike traditional (paper), glass fiber wallpaper pasted not overlap and butt, as I said.It should be handled carefully and edges, as the band edge quite easily torn.

After completing this work as soon as all glued surface should be covered with glue, diluted with water.

Some tips for working with steklooboyami

  • when buying rolls need to carefully examine the edge.They do not have to "shaggy".
  • if fiberglass on top will be painted, it is better to run a paint roller;
  • material has a different thickness.Therefore, the smaller the size of the room, the better to use a more subtle wallpaper;
  • keep in mind that the fine dust occurs when cutting the rolls.It is necessary when working with steklooboyami use hand protection and respiratory tract;
  • these wallpapers are of different colors.If the wall is prepared for painting, it is best to stick fiberglass white;
  • the thinner the fabric, the less repaintings stand material;
  • while working and drying of wallpaper in the room should be no direct sunlight and drafts.Drying time - about 24 hours.