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August 12, 2017 18:06

Tips for installing the sink in the bathroom with their hands , video

sinks, as well as any other sanitary porcelain, are different - they differ in size and shape, and color, and the manufacturer.But no matter what would not sink installed in the bathroom, the basic operation in the production of works of his hands are almost identical.There are, of course, certain nuances, but the general principle they do not affect the installation.


Shell scheme with pedestal If the old sink is replaced by a new one, here everything is clear.The only difficulty may arise if different shell sizes (or models), and former places for fastening are not suitable.We'll have to drill holes in the wall again.But it also happens that there is a desire to establish a sink slightly different (if you allow the size of the bathroom) for the next repair.

you should not miss this moment-pipe (or corrugations), coming from the sink to the drain pipe should be as short as possible.Its diameter should be equal to or smaller than the diameter of the drain pipe.However, the use of a pipe (or ribbed) with a diamet

er less than 32 mm is undesirable for these purposes.Plus, you should try to find a more suitable place for the "tie" in the drain pipe.What to say - to shorten the pipe from the sink.

Regulation shell

If the shell model has no such fashionable additions as a bedside table on which it is mounted or stand - leg, you should consider the height of its fastening.The first thing to focus on the most undersized family member.It is clear that anyone who lives in the house should not experience discomfort when using the sink.

However, if the implied focus on children, we should not forget that they are growing rapidly and occasionally outweigh the sink does not make sense.Therefore, if the child she obtained a tall, you usually use a low stool, which is convenient to wash.Experts normal height for the installation of the sanitary appliance is considered 80 - 90 cm This distance is measured from the floor to the top of the shell section..This rate is calculated for a person of average height.


clear that all that is in the apartment, must be installed horizontally and vertically.Naturally, if this is not some element of decoration or fashion design.Therefore, you must first using a spirit level and a pencil (it is easy to remove the trace) on the wall marked horizontal.According to her, and will need to align the sink.It remains only to apply to this line shell (alignment is on the upper part) and mark locations for mounting.

Currently, the shell comes complete with all mounting elements.However, we must understand that foreign manufacturers, as practice shows, sometimes make fasteners few "gentle".Perhaps this is a tactic: the more often breaks down, the more frequently purchased.Moreover, should not be to fix the shell with dowels or thick screws fixed into a plastic sleeve.

mount sinks

Everyone knows that in the course of using the sink often has to rely on it.After all, everyone washes their own way.Therefore, it is necessary to fix firmly to the fastening elements can not become loose, and eventually just jump out of the drilled holes.Practitioners recommend taking fixation using anchor bolts.They can twist and "tightly" wrench and remove when necessary.But pull plugs - this is a task.And compared even with the most powerful screw bolt is much more reliable.

Will only put in place the siphon and connect the sink to the drain pipe.How to install a siphon?This is a topic for another conversation, because their models have differences.You may first have to install the faucet and then attach the sink.This depends on the shell model, and the availability of space at the installation site.Well, when finished, will only have to check the work, the absence of leaks and water can be used.