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August 12, 2017 18:06

How to calculate the required number of rolls of wallpaper in the room - table

payment - wallpaper Every owner when it comes time to make repairs in the apartment, reflects not only over what the coloring wallpaper to choose, but how many rolls buying.Let's not talk about the wallpaper liquid or decorative plaster.The packaging of these dry blends are given information about their consumption per 1 m2.Let's talk about the wallpaper, which are sold in rolls, and find out how to calculate the wallpaper on the room.

What you need to know when buying wallpaper

wallpaper should buy only one lot number.If it turns out in the repair of apartments, wallpaper that is not enough, then buy exactly the same will be problematic.Even seemingly identical wallpaper, but from different parties will have some differences, as will be though small, but noticeable color variation when printing the various parties.If the store that you can not notice it after a wall stickers this difference will be evident.

Pre should produce measurement room parameters - length, width and height.The height is measured f
rom the ceiling to the floor (not to plinth), and the resulting value is added at least 10 cm. It should be remembered that during the pasting wall wallpaper will have to produce the alignment stripes (customized according to drawing).And this is - the inevitable shift them up - down.Hence, the recommended "stock" in length.


Calculation To calculate the necessary amount of rolls, it is necessary to divide the sum of the length and width of the room (multiplied by 2) the width of the selected roll for purchase.Rounding, of course, in a big way.

If the room has a niche and alcoves t. N., The number of rolls should be increased, based on the geometry of these places.It is necessary to take into account the fact that the corners of the room wallpaper pasting lie overlapping.And this is - the additional "footage".

Table for calculating the number of rolls of wallpaper table calculate the number of wallpaper rolls

should pay attention to the edge of the wallpaper, its width.After the preparation of the bands it will have to cut, and it is "minus" to the bandwidth.

In any case, you should take into account the dimensions of the room.If a small or medium-sized rooms and sufficient one - two "reserve" of rolls, then great, it may be better to take three - four.It is also recommended to do more stock, if selected wallpaper with a large pattern.Indeed, in this case, the alignment of neighboring bands shifts may be significant.

spare roll (rolls) will be needed in any case, so do not save much, expecting everything to the millimeter.After all, most likely, somewhere over time will have to stick a new piece to replace the corrupted.One should not forget that part of the wallpaper go on clearance doorways, place under a window sill and so on. D.