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August 12, 2017 18:06

Install hanging toilet with his hands - manual , videos and photos

This type of sanitary ware sets itself apart from its peers.Hanging toilet, firstly, saves space.The fact that all suitable for him the pipe, as well as a constant member - cistern - do not catch the eye, and are being built specifically for the false wall.Second, when installing toilet floor around them, especially the rear, it is difficult to keep clean due to lack of space.Suspended models that do not create a nuisance, and today we will discuss all the nuances of the installation of a toilet bowl with his hands.

All models suspended toilets are divided according to the method of fastening the supporting structure (traverse) into three types: angular, floor and wall.Thus, such toilet bowls can be installed almost anywhere, regardless of the size of the room, the configuration and material of the walls and floor.The entire installation of sanitary products generally involves consolidation work on the supporting frame, which includes a flushing cistern and button.

supporting structure accordin
g to the instructions on the product installation is called.As if she was not intended, in principle, work list will be the same.It will only make eyeliner water, drain and make the finishing work.

setting - false - toilet

Choosing a location

As a rule, much more convenient if there is no desire to change anything in the design of the toilet room (there are more), install hanging toilet instead of the old location, the floor.If another location is selected, it is necessary to consider how the pipe will be laid cold water supply and sanitation.Naturally, the less visible than they are, the better.In any case, we must remember that the pipe connecting the toilet to the common sewer pipe, if possible should be as short as possible.If necessary, it will be easier to clean.

The proposed installation site, check what material made the wall to the rear of the toilet.If, for example, plasterboard, neither of which mount to a surface can be no question, and you have to find a way to mount the installation to the main wall.

Installation of the support frame (installation)

First of all, you need to know what frame design allows for height adjustment.First, you need to measure everything carefully and make an initial markup.Recommended (if instructions are not indicated otherwise) to establish a support frame so that the distance from the toilet tank to the floor was approximately 1 m.

frame before mounting sewer pipe and the cold water in the place of the toilet has to be withdrawn.After all, after the frame is "tightly" fastened to conduct any further construction work in this place will be impossible.It is best to fix the frame to the floor and wall anchor bolts.This connection will ensure the absolute stillness of the assembly.

If the installation is carried out in a private home, where the wooden floors, the fixing should be done with the help of powerful screws.You may need to do some additional hardware (eg, metal corner).

Before fixing the installation it must be leveled.It is understood that if the frame is installed crooked, the toilet and he will take the same position.frame alignment is performed using an ordinary building level.And to be aligned in all planes.Otherwise, it turns out that seems to be exactly, but the front part will be above the back, or vice versa.To do this, use the available adjusting rods and pins to the wall mounting.

We should also pay attention to the height of the bowl arrangement.Experts say that for the "average" adult need to mount it at a height of 40 cm from the floor.However, the necessary height can be determined empirically, and if the family members of all its high-growth, for example.Therefore, only indicative parameter is specified.

All other values ‚Äč‚Äčrecommended mounting distances should be taken from the instructions on the product (eg, the distance from the bowl to the wall).


installation scheme Connection to toilet

communications professionals do not recommend cold water supply using flexible hoses.Since the structure is in a stationary position, the connection is made to the water supply using a metal pipe.This reliable and durable.

reminder.When connecting to a cold water supply valve toilet tank should be closed !!!

But connection to the sewage system is better to do a corrugated tube with a diameter of at least 100 mm.Before you continue to install, you need to check whether there is plums reliably.It is enough to "fit flush" the bowl and flush.

external finish

There can be no single recommendation.In each house the toilet room wall decorated differently.Therefore, only a few tips:

  1. Anyway niche "terminations" should not do "tight".If necessary, access to the reservoir should not be difficult;
  2. When decorating niche plasterboard should be used only its waterproof brand.
  3. The instructions on the toilet given pattern, in which technology and cut holes.
  4. After all the work you are installing the toilet bowl.All the product is considered to be completely assembled.