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August 12, 2017 18:06

How to install acrylic bathtub with his hands - the rules , tips , videos

Acrylic tubs are becoming increasingly popular due to the fact that they are much easier to cast-iron bathtubs.Even a single person is able to establish its acrylic bath without assistance.Of course, the important advantage of such baths in appearance - one that it does not get dark and retains the original snow-white color, very attractive.As they are very light, it is necessary to know what you need to reliably fix bath installation, which we'll talk.


Components should immediately ask When buying bath in which it is sold complete.The fact that some manufacturers produce bathtubs without frames (legs), as it is accessory.Therefore, if you purchase this variant, the frame (leg) have to buy separately.And immediately the question - where?It needs to be clarified in the store, as a rule, you can buy everything you need in one place.It should be understood that the bath itself can not be used without a rigid support, it just "lead".After all, it is based - polymers, fiberglass.

is necessary to take into account such a moment -Bath can be installed against a wall, and in the middle of the room.That's as you like.If the package includes frame, you can put anywhere.And if you set foot in for a bath, it is recommended to put in a corner, because you will need additional fastening to the walls of the bath.

installation of acrylic bath - 1

Operation Installation

Once chosen location for the bath (there are also large apartments, houses), the first stage of work on its installation will be assembled.Bath sure to put it on the frame or on the legs (depending on model).In some cases, for this purpose, the old-fashioned bricks or something else.However, it should be a professional masonry, exactly follow the contours of the bowl.Although often used plywood and wooden beams - a much easier task.

If you can bath in the collection carry into the bathroom, then design the assembly is carried out in any other room - most importantly, that there is enough space.Immediately should stipulate that all work should be carried out strictly according to the instructions on the product.Therefore, the material of the article is only a general recommendation information type.Moreover, as stated, all the bath differ from each other in size and shape, partially - and pictures.

Consider variant complete with legs - for city apartments are often purchased bath.To install the bathtub legs flipped up the bottom and made markings.The instructions tell you how many centimeters you need to retreat from the middle of the drain hole.Through this point we need to draw a line perpendicular to the longitudinal axis of the bath.Along this line will be installed to guide the two front (or back, it's like watching) legs.


After that, put on the guide bracket mounting legs themselves, and it is applied to the bath.It remains only to all even out, mark the place of fastening brackets.They must be, of course, at the same distance from the longitudinal axis, in other words, the symmetrically arranged.At the specified distance in the documentation attached as a second guide.It is necessary to observe accuracy when drilling holes for mounting, make sure we do not drill through the bath.We can only twist the legs (they are components) and put into place.Bath itself is assembled, it is now to deliver.

big_1 need to determine how you will be more convenient - just set the trap on the bathroom or after its installation in place.Here a single recommendation can not be.Bath when she put on "his" place, must be carefully aligned.To do this, use the building level.And he placed in several places in different directions (along the bath, in the diagonal, and so on. D.).The adjustment is made by turning inside out or screwing respective legs.It should be understood that the slightest distortion subsequently lead to deformation of the tub bowl.

Once aligned tub, a wall which adjoins the longitudinal side of the bath, it is carried along the edge line.Then the bath for a time removed.In the drawn line will be secured a special bracket (hooks) to be protected from distortions bath, providing additional stability.If the bath is installed in a corner, the attachment must be placed on both walls.When marking places the installation fasteners must take into account the thickness of the rim bath.After installation of hooks can only "impose" on them a bath and check its stability.

Last step - installing the siphon on the drain hole and connect it to the sewer system.

When working on the installation of baths, as well as during its subsequent operation should take care of the inner surface.The inner layer is made of a polymeric material, and it quite easily damaged.No wonder the shops sell repair kits for acrylic bathtubs, while the cast iron bath (surface repair) these sets simply do not exist because they do not need to be repaired.If you have any questions, watch a video on installing the bath: