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August 12, 2017 18:06

How to paint your own bath at home - from preparation to finish

As a rule, replacing the old bath with a new transformed into a full overhaul.At the same time, as we know, the repair of the premises inexorably and smoothly "flows" in the repair of the whole apartment.We should also take into account the fact that if the cast iron bath (such as in our old homes the vast majority), then it is not necessary to change.It does not rust and can be used for a long time.Therefore, it is only to paint, and it will become an attractive appearance.

paint bath

should be remembered that the bath, except that periodically "in contact" with the water is in the room with high humidity.Consequently, coloring agents and it is necessary to select, based on this, rather than simply buy paint colors liked.Dye bath except resistance to moisture and must have high adhesion.Simply put, good and reliable "stick" to any surface, otherwise not avoid its detachment.

recommends ternary compositions.They are "shuffled" immediately prior to painting.To navigate in a little color variet
y, need to know that the leading manufacturers of such goods - Dulux, Tikkurila, Jobi.They include soil structure with the property and proofing coating (eg, semi-matte).

clear that simply paint bath - a waste of time.Any surface before you apply paint to it, specially prepared for this.

paint - bath - 1

Prepare bath for painting

  1. removed a layer of lime and fat deposits.For this purpose, a variety of cleaning agents.Experts do not recommend the use of chlorine-containing compounds.It should be borne in mind that extreme caution should be observed not as a bath is still to be painted.An indicator of good degreasing is no formation of droplets and jets of water when wetted surface;
  2. removed the top layer of enamel (glossy).For this work in the course is all that is at hand.Electric drill with an abrasive nozzle, sandpaper, metal brush.As a result of surface treatment bath, it becomes more rough.It should be remembered that the dust is more than enough, so you need to take care of the absence of drafts.Well, eye protection, and respiratory tract also needed.It is necessary to pay attention to the evenness of the surface after this treatment, because it affects the quality and color;
  3. removed all the dust.Air thoroughly dried.It is recommended to use a vacuum cleaner, hair dryers, electric heaters.This will significantly reduce the time of preparation for painting;
  4. the bathroom is filled with hot water.Minutes through 15 - 20, it must be drained and wiped dry with a bath;
  5. applied to soil composition.

staining bath

In order to fresh paint does not leak dust, it is necessary before painting "tight" to close all doors and windows.Similarly, they should not be open and some time after staining.This period of time is determined by drying.Indicative data on the packaging with the dye.

paint - bath - 3

To qualitatively paint the bath, it is best to use a flat brush.It is desirable that the pile was a natural.If you can, use the gun.The coloring composition is diluted and applied with a brush to the entire surface of the bath.Calculate necessary so that the first layer spent about half of the volume of ink.It is best to apply paint in the direction from the edge to the bottom.After drying the first layer (depending on the particular formulation) is applied to the second layer.It is necessary to observe extreme care, because of how it is applied, it depends on the general form of the bath.

Small tips

  • paint is better not to plant the whole and parts.It has a dry period, and it may happen that it wither before it is used up;
  • Use freshly painted bath is recommended no earlier than 8 - 10 days.