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August 12, 2017 18:06

Correct installation of plastic window sill with his own hands - from measuring to installation .Video

Install window sill is usually the final step in the installation of plastic windows, which are usually carried out by professionals - is the company where you have the window and ordered.However, installation of the sill is quite simple in comparison with the installation of the windows, and it is quite capable to perform independently, without having special skills.Consider we sill installation of plastic, as this material is quite popular - it is cheap, durable, corrosion resistant and well cleaned.

So, we need the following tools:

  1. jigsaw or circular saw;
  2. level;
  3. gun foam and foam itself (if you do not have a gun, you can do without it);
  4. measuring tape and a pencil or marker;
  5. hammer with a chisel (if you have to Stroebe recess under the window sill).

Getting Started - measuring

Of course, any work on the installation that whatsoever begins with careful measurements.Decide how wide will be your window sill - it depends on the thickness of the load-bearing walls and on how it will act outs

ide the walls.Recommended projection - a maximum of 10-15 cm, otherwise it will just be a nuisance.On the general width of the window sill need to add 2 cm, as this part is located under the window.

to the length of the sill add 5 centimeters on each side - this part will come into the side slopes of the window, that the cutting edge of the sill are not visible.By the way, if the slopes are already installed, they will have to break the lower part, to put to the window sill.If the slope is no need to punch proshtrobit groove depth of 5 cm

setting - sill - 1

Set sill

measurements, checked all the calculations -. You can cut the excess from the window sill, you must have already purchased.Of course, you need to buy when you already know the size and cut you only have long, and certainly not in width.Sawing plastic and can be an electric jigsaw, circular saw and hand - that there is in the economy.

At worst, take the hand hacksaw.Before starting the installation, clean the area under the window and set the small pads made of wood.Why it's done - the sill should have a slight slant to the outside, away from the window - to let the moisture from watering flowers or condensate does not accumulate on it and dripped out.

setting - sill - 2

To set the desired slope, you must install the wooden wedges and put them on the windowsill.Next, using a level plane to align along the length, to avoid distortions, and to set the desired slope width adjusting liner.Recommended slope of 1 cm, is no longer necessary.By the way, on sale there are special adjustable pads, but if you do not buy or do not consider it necessary to do it, no problem - you can adjust the slope simply by changing the height of the wedge by placing them under the narrow chips, for example.Then it will all be filled with foam and strength do not worry.

setting - sill - 3

Thus, by adjusting the inclination and align the plane of the window sill, insert the ends into the slots on the slopes, once again check the correct position and begin zapenivat.It is best to use the foam with a low coefficient of expansion, in order to avoid raising the sill.The ideal option would be to use the gun for foam - professional foam hardly expands, so will be enough to put on the windowsill a weight of 10-15 kg, so it is not raised.Fill should be thoroughly vacuum all - depends on the mounting strength.this work is almost finished, we put the load and wait 24 hours to complete curing.After that you can start assembling the slopes of plasterboard.

As you can see, the process is fairly simple, and can handle any host.If you have any more questions, you can view the video.