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August 12, 2017 18:06

How to install sockets and switches into a concrete wall

final stage of any overhaul becomes the installation of new appliances in the kitchen, as well as sockets and switches in the walls.In any case, buying an apartment, you should definitely explore the sockets and switches, and replace them if necessary.Today we look at the proper installation of sockets and switches in the concrete walls of an apartment or house.

setting - sockets - 1 As you know, sockets and switches are for indoor or outdoor installation, depending on the wiring.By the way, the outside of the wiring can be found today only in a village, and if you still have this type of wiring, you should seriously think about replacing it on the inside on the first of safety and then later, the aesthetic appearance.So, in a concrete wall sockets will be installed concealed installation, for which we will need:

  1. punch with pobeditovye crown (crown if not, it will have to be drilled along the contour of a drill or a drill).
  2. Escutcheon (plastic, flush mount)
  3. socket standard

To begin with an outline of the

future outlet and draw out his pencil or marker.Then punch a hole drilled pobeditovye crown - a niche for installation Escutcheon.Escutcheon - a kind of future housing outlet built into a concrete wall.So, in a ready niche insert Escutcheon - it must be free to enter the hole and remove the plastic cover on the other side, where we pass the wiring.

setting - sockets - 3

Next you need to break through the wire channel and hold the wire in podrozetnik making sure that it flows freely, and its length will suffice for socket mounting.Podrozetnik align itself on the wall with the level - it does not stick out, but also filled up inside, too.Having strengthened podrozetnik, close up joints between them and the wall of alabaster or plaster mixture - the mixture harden pretty quickly.Having prepared so that a "nest" for the outlet, it is already possible to install it inside Escutcheon unscrewing the corresponding terminals and secure the wires in them.

setting - sockets - 2

The final installation step is screwing bolts along the edges of the wall outlet (or switch mounting principle is the same) in order to fix the entire structure in the Escutcheon.Then we put on the housing and tighten the bolt in the middle - all work is finished.