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August 12, 2017 18:06

Self installation plinth for countertops in the kitchen

final stage arrangement on the kitchen usually is the installation of a plinth for countertops - although we have to admit, this time not less frequently in general is let out of sight, and it is in vain.If you order a kitchen set with its setting, here you did not worry about anything - the plinth install along with the rest of the wizard.

setting - skirting - 1

It's about self-installation of the final element of the kitchen headset, and I'll start with perhaps its advantages:

  • plinth on the kitchen worktop to protect it from moisture and food;
  • as it reliably closes the gap between the wall and the top and there is nothing can not fall;
  • Finally, the presence of skirting gives your kitchen a complete and presentable.

If you bought a kitchen set, complete configuration, the skirting should already be there.If not, you will have to buy separately.Choose simple enough - be guided by the width of the gap between the wall and countertop, the material from which it is made, and on items of kitchen furniture.If t

he wooden countertop, wooden plinth is also required if a marble, the marble or aluminum or.

example in my kitchen has a breakfast bar and along the countertop is chrome roof rails - could acquire the same chrome moldings.By the way, I chose the color of countertops, so that he did not stand out, and only perform its functions.So the choice of the color of the material is dictated au your preferences and your kitchen.

Plinths sale set, which includes:

  1. tabs on the edge of the plinth
  2. own plinth (length is generally 1 and 2 meters)
  3. corners
  4. decorative profile
  5. fixing Components

Set plinth similar to the outdoor- drill holes in the wall, insert the wall plugs, attach the plinth base and close the profile.Then attach the corners (if the kitchen corner) and tabs on the edge.By the way, the joint between the top and skirting a good idea to lubricate the sealant to isolate it and prevent the flow of water.

As an option you can not buy a special plinth for countertops, as usual, wood or plastic, and attach it in the same way.