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August 12, 2017 18:06

Methods for joining pipes of metal fittings

to connect plastic pipes using special devices called fittings.They come in different configurations, and provide connections along different axes: on a line at right angles.Very popular among the masters use compression fittings.

Design and fitting

coupling device of simple - fitting, nut and ring.Working with these compounds does not require expertise or special tools.All operations are performed with a wrench.These fittings are attractive because, in addition to ease of installation, suitable for dismantling.Although it is desirable, as then a lining change is required, but in this sense, they are suitable, especially as gaskets are not deficient.And when any work on the installation of the pipe system has to change something in the process.

connection - pipe - fittings - 1

If damaged part of the pipeline, in practice it is removed (excised) and put a new "tribe", connecting it to the system, such as fittings.This is done in order to avoid a showdown already established earlier (but this possibility is not always).Th

en you have to disassemble.

Connection pipe fittings

Before connecting the pipe its end is cut exactly perpendicular to the longitudinal axis.This is best done with a special tool - cutter.Nevertheless, as I said, special.the tool is not required, and is fine hacksaw for metal.The main thing - do it carefully, leaving no "shaggy" notches on the tube.Of course, it is better to use a new blade for the hacksaw, and I would not recommend to cut the tube of metal electric jigsaw - neatly do hardly succeed.

such detail should be considered when preparing to work.In contrast to our country (and the former USSR) abroad is no national standard unified system.We have it available, this is a well-known GOST).Each firm - the manufacturer has complied with its own standards, and often they do not match.So when you buy the necessary hardware, note that both the pipes and fittings were from the same manufacturer.

If this is not feasible, then the purchasing fittings, you need to have with them a small sample of the pipe - to compare the diameters and wall thicknesses.Plus, there are still on the market of such goods and permanent types of fittings, it is also necessary to remember.

connection - pipe - fittings 2

And the last thing we now dwell in this blog article Top home.Before connecting the pipe to align its end should be cut off as it was already mentioned (perpendicular) and make a small chamfer to smooth the pipes and fittings.The inner part of the end of the pipe to be treated (to remove burrs after drank).

After that the pipe is put on the nut, then - ring.After that, the pipe end is planted on the union.Only hand (without using the key) the nut is screwed onto the nipple, it should go on the thread for a while freely.If not, then it turned skewed.And at the end of the nut "argument" has the key.Just do not forget that the pipe made of plastic, so boosting should be soft.

For smooth pipes and fittings from the surface well lubricated with silicone or soapy water.

Watch video instructions for installation of pipes: