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August 12, 2017 18:06

Spray polyurethane foam with your hands using FOAM KIT

Reducing heat loss of any structure - one of the most pressing challenges facing the engineers and builders.Despite the emergence of various types of new materials, characterized by an extremely low thermal conductivity, as an additional layer of insulation, which is settling on a mandatory basis, it remains dominant.

growth of individual construction has caused and diversification of the product concerned.But each of the heaters is different, based on what almost none of them can not be considered a means of "all occasions".Much depends on the operating conditions, laying location and other factors.


But still there is a tool that can be considered close to Universal - polyurethane foam.This is - a kind of foam, upon receipt of which the effect of the foaming mixture is used.When solidification is formed quite a dense sealing layer.This material is widely used in industry.

But we look at it from the standpoint of use for "home and family".After all, he is not only a good thermal insulation, but

also is able to provide high-quality steam and soundproofing.In addition, a reliable protection of metals from corrosion processes.According to statements by individual experts, it is now in its properties is ranked 1st among the polymeric materials.

Where can I apply

  • insulation of walls, basement, basement.
  • Sunrooms, door and window openings.
  • Utility Structures.Outbuildings, saunas, sheds, garages (including gates and shutters).
  • for insulation ventilation gaps in the skeletal structures.
  • sealing joints, gaps and cracks.

way, treatment of small areas - it is much more expensive than larger ones.The cost of spraying polyurethane foam specialized firms may be 14 000 rubles / m2.

If it is only about grouting or joints, it is advisable to buy a can of the so-called assembly foam, and a gun to her.However, if the entire surface to be processed, such a method is clearly inappropriate.

On sale are disposable installation, with which you can do all the work yourself.And though after using equipment thrown into the garbage, from an economic point of view it is much more profitable to purchase.


This method of insulation is much more economical, since the resulting layer is much thinner than conventional materials - mineral wool, foam plates - without compromising quality.This process can be any part of the surface, regardless of the complexity of its configuration and access to it.And given the absence of seams, any adhesion of the composition to the base, the advantages are evident.

As an example, FOAMKIT apparatus (except for advertising!).If the thickness of oriented layer coating 2.5 mm, it is capable of processing area 18 to 94 m2 (depending on model).Weight allows you to transfer it to one person, but to bring the installation into operation skills are required.Included is a gun for spraying.The possibility of interruption of the operation.It is understood that after the gun should be cleaned.In order not to waste time on it, to him removable nozzle attached (8 pcs.), Who just replaced.


price accordingly - from 19 650 to 41 000 rubles.

few comments

  • Often confused with polyurethane penoizol.This is completely different materials and specific applications each has its own.
  • When spraying polyurethane on the facade or roof vapor barrier can not equip.
  • Work should be at zero temperature - from 50 and above.However, one must take into account the dewpoint workpiece.Its temperature should exceed this value at least 30.
  • substrate must be clean.It is not allowed the application of the composition to the dirt or dust.

main condition for the quality of work - correctly made calculations (required thermal performance, water vapor permeability, and the like), as well as the observance of technology.Therefore it is better to buy ready-made compositions, instead of doing them yourself.