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August 12, 2017 18:06

Features of the house of silicate blocks , advantages and disadvantages

new, compared with wood and brick, building materials raises many questions from those who decided on the construction of his house.whether Gas silicate blocks for housing suitable?Will it be warm and comfortable?What challenges await new owners in the construction and subsequent operation of the house?The answer to these questions may be, having studied the reviews of the people who already live in the homes of the gas silicate.

Is it so cheap?

gaz_blotsk The main reason that gas silicate blocks are selected as the main building material - their low cost.Here is the calculation according to which 1 m from the wall of the material costs twice cheaper than brick.However, based on reviews of the owners, it is not so.The cost of gas silicate depends on its density, per cubic meter of material density of 600 kg / cubic meter, which is ideal for exterior walls have to pay far more than 300 kg / cubic meter.When buying material, please note that it is very fragile, and some of it can be damaged during transport or

unloading.It is better to order a gas silicate with a small margin.

Those who have built the house, said that increases the cost of construction of the wall cladding.Without it does not do so as a porous gas silicate easily absorbs water, it begins to crumble and gets an unpleasant smell.Boarding House of silicate blocks must meet several requirements:

  • not pass water,
  • allow the walls to breathe,
  • must be a ventilation gap between the casing and the walls of the house,
  • not deform during shrinkage of the house.

Cheap foam and sand-cement plaster are not suitable.Foam impedes gas exchange and negates one of the main advantages of aerated concrete and plaster simply can not stick to the surface of the walls.More expensive plaster held up better, but owners have complained that it is covered with a network of cracks, if the exterior work was carried out before the full house gave shrinkage.The result - a hollow facade renovation, which cost is difficult to call.

Less likely causes complaints from the owners of the siding: he meets all requirements and can be installed immediately after the completion of construction work, without waiting for the walls will settle.Also popular is facing clinker brick, although its use significantly increases the cost of construction.If you choose any method of dry lining is necessary not to forget that between it and the wall must be a ventilation gap, otherwise the inside of the house may appear mold and the smell of damp.

Save turn on the lack of insulation: a porous gas silicate has low thermal conductivity.However, for a good thermal insulation wall thickness must be large enough - about 50 cm in central Russia.At the wrong calculation of the thickness of the walls still have to further insulate better - mineral basalt wool, which "breathes" and is environmentally friendly.

Should we believe the advertising?

silicate blocks Manufacturers claim that this material receives a warm house, with an optimal microclimate, comparable to the wooden house.The construction of such housing is also not take much time and does not require high skill builders.Is it so?Guest house owners of silicate blocks say that only partly.

Heat and air exchange in the building are provided thanks to the porosity of the material.House really get warm, but to retain this heat, you need to take care of the protection of the walls against moisture.The ability of the house to "breathe" easily destroy foam sheathing it.Another important point mentioned by those who built the house on their own - the seams between the blocks should be minimal, otherwise through their significant heat loss will occur.


Easy erection depends on the geometry of the blocks if it is flawless (error of 1 mm to 600 mm), then build a house will be easy.However, this quality can only provide reputable manufacturers, and their products are not the cheapest.Also, those who are faced with the construction of the house of silicate blocks assure that it is not necessary to save on quality glue for the blocks and try to replace it with cement.This change will result in that the seams turn out too thick, the thermal conductivity and strength of the wall at the same time suffer.Another detail - the blocks are quite heavy, to cope with the construction alone, especially if the two-storey house under construction impossible.But the cut and Stroebe blocks without problems, toolbox.

Pitfalls when using gazosilikata

If you do decide to build a house of silicate blocks, keep in mind a number of points mentioned in a review, those who have already become the owner of the house.

  • House gazosilikata better not to build up 2 floors as well as walls can not withstand a large load.
  • After the erection of the walls of the first floor must be made monolithic strapping the belt to evenly distribute the weight of the second floor and the roof of the lower blocks.Every 3 series masonry reinforced with metal mesh, or special sheets.
  • House of silicate blocks require reinforced strip foundation, to save at this stage will not work.
  • During the year, the walls of the blocks will shrink.This should be remembered if you plan to immediately begin to interior decoration at home: plaster almost certainly will be covered with cracks, so you should stay on the wallpaper or drywall.


Should I use this material

And yet, in spite of some particular use gazosilikata, most home owners of this material does not regret his choice.According to their responses, if the outside walls of the house are protected from moisture penetration, to live in such a house is quite comfortable.He "breathes", in contrast to the frame houses of the sip-panels, which necessarily require high-quality ventilation system.In such a house is not got mold, are not covered by condensation inside the wall.

Since gas silicate blocks are easy to process, the inside of the house to do repairs much easier.Grooves under the wiring channels for water pipes and heating pipes are made quickly and without too much effort.However, there is at this compliance is a downside: for fixing shelves and other furniture wall, eaves require special dowels, as usual may just fall out of the wall.

gazosilikata - a good choice if you need a spacious and warm home in the short term, but your budget is limited.For many owners it has become a real possibility to move to his home less than a year.