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August 12, 2017 18:06

The technology of monolithic construction of private houses - Advantages and Disadvantages

What qualities are defining the future home for its owners: reliability, efficiency, speed of erection or environmental?The answer to this question depends on the choice of the project and the main building material.If your dream house should be reliable and durable, the most warm and spacious, then pay attention to the modern technology of monolithic construction.

Developers argue that the proportion of solid private houses in the Russian construction market is growing every year, and they are the future.Maybe it was because of the obvious advantages of such housing and new technologies, which significantly reduced the cost and simplify the construction of monoliths.How to construct a modern monolithic cottage?

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technology of erection of the monolith

The site is marked and prepared, as well as in the construction of any other home.Then laid monolithic strip foundations, based on the project at home.Since 1 sq.m.monolithic wall at home is easier to 15-20% of the brick, and the foundation can be

facilitated.And the foundation and exterior walls are built using permanent formwork of expanded polystyrene foam.Its members have panelboard designs and rigidly bonded to each other using the built castles.Inside the formwork is laid fittings, and then use the truck mixer concrete is poured under pressure.In the installation and filling of the formwork walls one-storey house takes less than a week.The total wall thickness of the order of 30 cm to 50 cm, outside they are plasterers, paint, surrounded by cushioning brick or any other materials.


advantages monolithic houses

  1. When concrete construction fancy architects and home owners are not limited to straight lines.The walls of the house may have different configurations and even be rounded.Arches, custom doors and windows do not cause difficulties in the construction.
  2. Since the basis of design concrete reinforced with a metal bar, and the joints between the elements are missing, the structure obtained is extremely strong and durable.According to the documentation, the service life of more than 200 years.
  3. absence of seams and joints is another advantage - the house will be a single entity.It will not be gaps through which the wind may blow and moisture to penetrate.Its insulation and do not have extra care - expanded polystyrene from which made formwork for today is among the best insulation.
  4. monolithic construction house moving fast, even compared with the construction of the house of aerated concrete.Besides, it can be frozen at any stage and extend without compromising structure.
  5. Because the same thermal conductivity, such as a brick wall of the monolith are thinner (by 2-3 times), internal floor area is obtained anymore.
  6. reduces the cost of interior furnishing, as the walls are obtained even and smooth inside.Finishing work can be carried out immediately after drying concrete - extra time on shrinkage is required.

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Skeptics find and cons in monolithic construction.

  1. technology is too expensive.This is due to the fact that high-quality formwork is not cheap, and the price drop on it is not observed.Cheaper analogues local shops often have defects fasteners or geometry.If the project involves non-standard elements, such as the round window openings, it is even more raise the price of construction.
  2. increases the cost of construction of the need for special equipment - not do without a concrete hauler.It also makes it impossible to build houses from the monolith in the remote areas.
  3. Styrofoam used as external and internal insulation, prevents the gas exchange through the surface of the walls, so as for frame-panel construction, the house is necessary to provide a ventilation system.
  4. repair and redevelopment within the monolithic house - not an easy exercise, as will have to Stroebe walls.To speed it up and reduce the costs for another home design stage should be definitively plan its interior space, identify communication passage, the location of plumbing outlets, lighting fixtures and other things.In this case, channels for pipes and cables can be laid before the pouring of concrete and time-consuming and dirty shtrobleniya be avoided.
  5. raging on the forums a lot of disputes, can be considered permanent formwork environmentally friendly.In fact, this method of construction has long used in Europe and the best elements for formwork made therein.They are equipped with all the necessary certificates and are approved for use in the European Union and environmental requirements there are known to be very strict.

When all the technical requirements for the construction of monolithic house, he obtain reliable and warm, and live in it will be comfortable.