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August 12, 2017 18:06

Instructions on the device dry screed floor with their hands

On how smooth floor surface depends pretty much.This is connected not only with the problems of placing furniture items (alignment), but also with the choice of material for the flooring.After laying many of them involves careful preparation treated surface.The slightest protrusion or recess will result in damage to, for example, wood flooring, linoleum and will form air "bubbles".

Traditionally leveling floors made of cement-sand composition.This work is associated with certain difficulties. Firstly, have to prepare a solution, and this process is always accompanied by dust and dirt, which is extremely inconvenient for a city apartment. Second , align its top requires some experience of this work. Third , not the fact that such a "wet" screed subsequently not give cracks. Fourth , this process requires a lot of time.

There is another method, which is called the tie "dry", which has become increasingly used in the individual construction or repair work.What is its essence?As a substrate for "finish

ing" the floor (or coating) the liquid mixture is not used, and the sheet materials, characterized by high fracture toughness.Consider the technology of their installation with "zero" with his own hands.


Technique arrangement

  1. Cleaning concrete base floor of debris.To improve heat and sound insulation characteristics of all it is advisable to seal the cracks and joints between the floor slabs.It is advisable to soak the soil composition of the floor, as it will increase the quality of the "coupling" with the subsequent layer (if it will be pasted).
  2. Laying the waterproofing layer.It is necessary to slightly bend the edges of the wall.
  3. Filling leveling layer.Its thickness depends on the material, but experience shows that it is enough not more than 8 cm.
  4. Top mounted slab subfloor.




Quite often used for this roofing.But keep in mind that it has a limited service life (depending on the conditions - no more than 8 years).If the room is small size, it is better to purchase the relevant dimensions of the membrane to a single layer was, without joints.

PVC products will cost about 250 rubles / m2 (with a width of 2.5 m).Hallway, toilet or bathroom city apartment is quite enough.If you use a roll product, you have to take care of high-quality sealing strips joints.Waterproofing costs from 460 rubles / roll (9 m2), vellum - from 90 rubles per 17 m2 (roll).Plus - a special adhesive mixtures, although they are inexpensive.



When choosing the material for dry screed must take into account that this layer not only serves as a basis for alignment, but also to reduce the heat level.Therefore, the best option - to buy a concrete block.It is well leveled, compacted, and is inexpensive - from 1 500 rubles / m3 (depending on the pellet size).

can do in a different way.Make a small substrate for alignment, put Styrofoam plates necessary rigidity.

┬źdry┬╗ screed

One of the most advertised products is a product under the brand name "Knauf".In assessing the appropriateness of its use must take into account that these plates additionally offer good sound and heat insulation.Products with a thickness of 4 cm (1 x 1.2 m) are from 73 rubles / sheet.In addition, known and OPTIROC products.

way, the job of arrangement of "dry" screeds paid about 150 rubles / m2 (excluding cost of materials).

Practical advice

Unlike screeds "wet", "dry" can be done gradually, in parts throughout the room.This advantage should be used for the systematic control of the flatness and horizontal surface obtained.At hand should always be a building level.

Pre should properly plan laying all utilities lines.That in case of need it easier to carry out repairs, tracks should be mounted on the perimeter of the room.Incidentally, the arrangement method of dry screed suitable for the installation of "warm floor" system.It is applicable not only at work on w / b plates, but also on the joists, for example, in houses constructed of wood.

When used as backfill claydite need to consider the following.It is better to buy products with different sizes of granules.This will enable to lay the material more closely, to avoid excessive amounts of voids between the factions.This approach to the installation of the floor increases the insulating qualities and reduces material consumption, as the layer can build thinner without compromising its quality.

in areas with high water consumption to be used as insulation materials with high performance moisture repellent (non-absorbing fluid).