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August 12, 2017 18:06

How to build a pile- foundation rostverkovy - step by step instructions

How to choose the foundation for building a house depends on many factors: the depth of the groundwater, soil, nature, house construction, the materials from which it is constructed, etc.One of the popular types of foundations is a pile-rostverkovy having a high load-bearing capacity.

pile foundations: scope

pile-foundation rostverkovy unpretentious to the soil mind.It can be used on an unstable or moving soils on soft ground, or low-strength for strongly in areas with high groundwater.Often the soil can swell due to the deep freezing.In this case, this type of foundation is also output.System piles sunk into the soil 50 cm below the freezing (typically between 1.5 m and 3 m in depth), redistributes the load from the building to the lower layers of the soil, the more dense and strong.

picture- big- Imago

Restrictions on the use of pile foundations lie in the fact that there can be problems in a horizontally-moving soil (subsidence, swelling) due to the low resistance to rollover.

experts recommend the use of
it for the construction of light brick buildings, construction of laminated veneer lumber, logs, concrete blocks, on metal carcasses.High-rise buildings, with over 9 floors, also can not do without pile load-bearing structures.

of foundations on piles

main structural component of this type of foundation piles are - long wooden poles (oak, larch, pine, cedar), reinforced concrete or steel.One end of the pile is pointed on wooden stilts, it is protected by a steel tip.The upper end of a steel ring, is protected from damage when driving into the ground of the hammer blows.

between a pile communicate special design called grillage - intermediate between underground and aboveground parts of buildings, stiffening the entire foundation.On it rests a building under construction, while there is load balancing.Rostwerk may be low, high or intermediate.

rostverkovy pile- foundation - 1

Advantages and disadvantages of pile foundations

Like other supporting structures, pile-foundation rostverkovy has advantages and disadvantages.

main advantages of pile foundation:

  • has a high load-bearing capacity;
  • unpretentious to the soil type;
  • requires little site preparation and implementation of labor-intensive excavation (digging pits, trenches) - just a few holes for piles.

Disadvantages pile foundations:

  • impossibility device basement;
  • difficulty in the regeneration of the ground floor;
  • need for the construction of "Zabirko" filling the space between the piles;
  • need to use specialized equipment for piling.

rostverkovy - foundation

Stages of construction of pile foundation construction process

rostverkovogo pile-foundation can be represented as a series of stages:

  1. project Calculate bearing walls and prepare the foundation drawings, carried the marks on the ground (on the markup read here).
  2. to hammer piles into the ground mark using a drop-hammer hammer (or screwed into the ground screw piles) or via benzobura wells are drilled for subsequent pouring of concrete piles.
  3. Make wooden formwork for pouring pile cap and protruding above the level of the upper parts of the soil piles.If you do flush grillage, the prepared trench, which will be poured into a monolithic structure.As well insert asbestos tube or arrange cover PVC film, roofing, galvanized steel.Inside the casing fixed frame of the valve, and the armature is connected to the fixture pile raft foundation.
  4. poured concrete piles and grillage so that the valves had been immersed in the concrete.Fill layers produced by compacting concrete shtykovaniem.
  5. withstand a certain time required to pour concrete, and dismantle the formwork.The recommended height of the raft foundation - not less than 30 cm, width - about 40 cm (a little wider than the thickness of the walls of the building).

The result is a solid and reliable basis for low-rise houses.

Particular requirements for quality and durability apply to the concrete, intended for pouring pile and pile cap: Make the mixture should not be less than the M-200 (for the house of 1 or 2 floors).If the house is built on unstable soil or groundwater are close, regulations require the use of concrete stamps M-250, M-300.

in the mixture should not be broken bricks, remnants of structures made of gypsum, slag and ash.Perhaps it is filling only clean river sand and gravel (20-40 mm).

As you can see, the construction of pile-foundation rostverkovogo quite feasible, even for non-specialists, the main thing - the right calculations, quality materials and compliance with production technology.