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August 12, 2017 18:06

Sheathing of the facade of a wooden house - choose the facing materials

wooden house for many individual builders is the highest priority: it is environmentally friendly, it creates a more favorable atmosphere for human health, it heats up quickly and retains heat well.But the wooden walls to protect it from adverse effects, insulation and decoration, often require siding.Consider the choices of materials for cladding the outside of a wooden house and to create an exclusive exterior.

requirements facing materials for cladding the house

Choosing material for fa├žade cladding, you need to remember about the basic requirements that it must meet:

  • materials - to - finish - facades hygroscopic and moisture absorption - must be minimal to prevent rot and destruction of the construction of the house;
  • air and water vapor permeability - the ability to pass air and remove excess steam from the inside is an important requirement to the skin, because of this will depend directly on the atmosphere inside the house;
  • thermal conductivity - heat transmission rate should be minimal, to keep it in-house and reduce h
    eating costs;
  • fire resistance - an indicator, talking about how the material is exposed to combustion, must be high in order to minimize the damage in case of fire;
  • chemical resistance - resistance to aggressive chemicals;
  • biological stability - resistance to bacteria, insects, fungi;
  • ecology - the material should be safe for human use;
  • soundproofing - the ability to keep the noise.

materials for cladding wooden house


brick wooden house, surrounded by a facade / facing bricks (brickwork of technology read here), looks very nice, modern, solid and reliable.It retains heat better, he is not afraid of differences humidity and temperature, but at the same time, trim brick house - it is a complex and costly affair.To the perimeter of the house to build a new brick walls, it is necessary to strengthen the foundation, and in fact, to build a new, linking it with the old.In addition, it is necessary to solve the problem of joining the new walls with a roof.


Siding Sheathing siding facade - modern, beautiful and inexpensive option facing the wooden house.This building material available, durable, fireproof.It is easily and quickly mounted.

siding is vinyl and metal.Vinyl - lightweight, durable and reliable material, he fears neither heat nor cold, easy to clean and looks great.The richness of colors makes it easy to find the right shade of color.Metal siding is a bit more expensive, heavier and looks a little chilly, but also reliable and durable.


Molded Wood as plating preserves the identity of the wooden house, its environmental friendliness and beauty.This material absorbs sound well, keep warm.Board lining for covering the house is very strong and durable.For biological protection and fire wood is impregnated with a special compound.

wall paneling

beam Imitation

This type of skin is a plank of pine or spruce, which is placed in a horizontal position, with no visible intermediate grooves.It achieved a smooth and beautiful skin surface that can go well with stone or metal.


Block House

peculiar kind of lining, which is not performed in a flat form and in the form of convex panels.It looks so trim as round logs, giving the building a classic look of an old wooden house.Make block-house, mainly softwood:. Pine, spruce and other

block house

there are other options cladding wooden house, for example, thermal panels with ceramic tiles, wall tiles, thermal insulation plaster.But these types of cladding is much less popular in our country.