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August 12, 2017 18:06

What should be the slope of the sewer pipe - calculation and table

When the device sewerage system in the house of one of the most important questions is the observance of the optimal slope of sewer pipe.What is the concept, which is necessary to observe the angle and how it should be - these issues most likely to interest people for the first time faced with the construction of the sewerage system in a private home.

What is a "sewer pipe inclination angle"?

Sewage in our houses and flats (the vast majority of them) is a gravity system.It is therefore understandable that the pipes should go obliquely.But the very notion of "tilt angle" in this very conditional, and its unit of measurement is not degree, and centimeter per meter length of the tube.These units can be found in any of SNIP, instructions and recommendations.

by pipeline specialists know perfectly well that can not be measured in degrees, the slope of sewer pipes: if a mistake of a few degrees, even at several meters of pipes can cause a completely not where expected.


Why is it important to r
espect the angle of inclination?

consider two options: that is, if you make a tilt angle is too large or too small.

Insufficient slope of the pipe reduces the velocity of the liquid through it.This is unacceptable because the tube occurs in stagnant water, with the oil deposited on the walls of pipes, the particles adhere thereto solids.Ultimately, all this leads to a clogged drain.

Too large slope of pipes, as it may seem, can lead to the same effect.The fact is that in such fluid tubes will move too fast, and the solid particles, no time for it to be deposited on the walls.The result will be the same blockage, and in the worst case, the water valves may be disrupted.Too steep slope of the pipe also leads to its premature wear.

At optimum speed tilting pipe sewage wastewater is kept in the range of 1 - 0.7 m / sec.In this case the solid components are suspended in water and do not settle on the walls, there is a self-cleaning of the pipe wall, and the risk of clogging is minimized.

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optimal value of the angle of the sewer pipe

value of the optimum angle of inclination of SNP is determined depending on the diameter of the sewer pipe:

  • for pipe diameters 50 mm - 3 cm for each meter of pipe;
  • for pipes of 100 mm diameter - 2 cm for every meter of pipe.

If the distance between connected devices and the holes is less than one and a half meters, it is possible to slightly increase the slope.At very short distances and the angle of compliance it is not so important.

Thus, it turns out that the shorter the sewer pipe, the greater may be the angle of inclination.

under optimal drainage slope parameters will work quietly and regularly.Of course, a full guarantee against blockages observance of these rules can not give, and this nuisance can still happen, but after a long enough time.