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August 12, 2017 18:06

Proper layout of pipes in the bathroom - choose from 3 main types

Global works to replace water and sewer pipes are inevitable during overhaul bathroom.How to place and connect the pipe to for many years to stop being afraid of leaks and enjoy the comfort?

entire system of pipes as water and sewage, as well as plumbing, faucets, water meters and strainers, valves and fittings (fittings) called wiring .

Types wiring

There are only three system wiring pipes:

Serial , the most common in model homes, where pipes and connection points a little bit.All users connected to a pipe by means of tees.Wiring in the bathroom, gathered under the scheme, is more compact, the compounds (and, consequently, the possible leak locations) it is less.Another plus - a low total cost of assembly and space.However, a consistent pattern inevitably occurs when the pressure drop in a few taps or appliances.

sequential - circuit - wiring

collector used in apartments and houses, which provides a large amount of water intake connection points: a few sinks and toilets, bathtub or Jacuzzi, washing, dishwasher, boil

er or boiler.With this scheme, in the wiring structure of the present collectors for hot and cold water, connected to the water supply, they do not allow the fall of the water pressure in the system.They are already water on individual tubes goes directly to the sanitary or household appliance, its supply can be cut off for any user, without prejudice to others.


Mixed , when part of the devices connected via the collector (for example, a washing machine and dishwasher, bath), and some - in series.

layout - Troy

By way of laying the wiring is:

  • open when all the pipes are located along the walls in sight.In this process, maintain, and replace them simple, and the laying itself does not require repair.
  • concealed, whereby a hidden pipe wall (as described here).This method is more time-consuming and requires a high-quality connection of details, but the bathroom looks modern and beautiful.Tubes are placed into a pre proshtorblennye channels, as before, it is desirable, and corrugation.
  • combined when the pipe closed box or trim panels.


choice of material and thinness

work When carrying out repair of modern absolute preference for water and sewer pipes made of polypropylene.For their connections require a special tool, but they are reliable and durable.Also polypropylene is resistant to corrosion inside the tubes of deposits do not accumulate and rust.In the absence of tools, you can make the wiring plastic pipes, which are collected with the help of fittings - here in this manual.For serial wiring, in addition to fittings, tees need to connect the plumbing and appliances.Diameter sewer pipes for sinks and bath - 50 mm, for toilet - 100 mm.

If the selected collector circuit wiring, you should prefer a manifold with shut-off valves, then we can shut off the flow of water to each specific customer.These devices are available with different numbers of outputs, from 2 to 4, and they may be combined into groups.On hot water and individual collectors are installed.

layout - Tees

Tips for quality wiring pipes:

  • Before assembly, you need to double-check the integrity of pipes, fasteners, valves, as well as their quantity.
  • When laying sewer pipes horizontally, for example, from a bath or washing machine, you need to provide for their bias in 2-4 cm per meter of length in the direction of the riser.
  • pipes with outer circuit wiring must be fixed to the wall with clamps, arranging them from each other at a distance of about 10 pipe diameter.Use the best clips of plastic or metal with rubber gaskets to pipe was fixed too rigidly.
  • sewer pipes can not be bent at 90 degrees or placed strictly parallel to the floor, it leads to clog.

layout for your bathroom

easiest way to make a consistent layout.This is the best time and economical option if you live in an apartment: pipes need only 2 instead of 4 or more, as in the collector connection.In addition, to hide the pin in a small bathroom typical apartment easier.

Before buying pipes and components necessary to make a plan bathrooms with dimensions and distances between the devices and the wiring project, to accurately calculate the yardage of pipes and connections, tees, valves, etc.It starts from the distribution inside the risers two valves on the pipes with hot and cold water, then set strainers, water meters.On the pipe with cold water followed by a tee, which is tap on the toilet.

If you decide to install additional filters (eg, softening the water), it is done at this stage.Followed by in turn bends the sink and bath, depending on their location in the room.Bath mixer is attached to the outlet, which is welded or screwed directly to the pipe, faucet on the sink is usually connected via flexible hoses.This is followed by taps on the washing machine on the kitchen sink.

When the hidden wiring or combined in places gates, counters, large units must be provided to the inspection hatches to the audit.

perform complex wiring newcomer may not be able to do.Poor assembly can result in leaks and damage in the apartment, and in the next, so the job best left to professionals.