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August 12, 2017 18:06

All the rules and features of attachment to the window blinds

method and place of attachment to the window blinds is determined by their design and dimensions.Blinds available horizontal and vertical design.These can both move in the same direction, and to move apart or assemble in the center of the window.They may be either wide or narrow.In addition, it is necessary to consider whether the windowsill will need (for example, to place vases with flowers).

Attach blinds can be in the window opening, or on top of it, to the wall or to the upper slope of the window.They are fixed to the ceiling and - it depends on the type and shutters, and the particular facilities.The basis for any kind of blinds is a curtain rail, which acts as a bearing element of the entire assembly.Therefore mount blinds is to fix exactly the eaves in a certain place and in a certain position.Supports for it are special brackets, which by means of a rotary rod curtain rod and held.

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Horizontal blinds are usually attached directly to the frame of the window sash.But in this case, if

the blinds are short, with the expectation of a sash.If the blinds have a length across the window opening, or that they are fixed over the window (on the upper wall or slope) or on the ceiling.

a - mount blinds - to - window - 2 himself installation complexity is not, however, when dealing with plastic windows need to be precise and orderly.Before you drill a hole in the plastic, you must accurately mark the location for the installation brackets.Mistakenly drilled hole in the plastic to make "invisible" will be difficult.If it is then repaired with sealant, then over time this place will still be allocated.

If you do mount above the window on the upper slope, you should first find out what it is made of the material.If it's just a filled sheet of fiberboard or plastic, then the reliability of the attachment can not be guaranteed.

Procedure for installing shutters following:

  • mounted brackets and cornice is installed (usually fixed mounting bracket using the rotary mechanism that allows you to capture and retain the blinds without a problem);
  • installed clips (cords), fins, sliders (if they are not in the assembly);
  • made adjustable clamps.

When installing blinds must be taken into account such factors as the overall appearance of the window after installation.Therefore, no single recipe exactly where to install the brackets, can not be.It should rely on the convenience of using blinds to your taste.It should be remembered that the side where the cord adjustment, will be subjected to higher loads.Therefore, it is necessary to mount special attention.

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And most importantly - all the blinds are strictly correct geometry.Even the slightest imbalance when marking not only spoil the appearance of the window, but also complicate the work of the mechanism of these "curtains".

recommend to watch the video-installation instructions on the plastic window blinds: