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August 12, 2017 18:06

Possible arrangement of a dressing room with his hands out of the closet or drywall

in any home are constantly "not enough" space.Life goes on, different things added, and each of us sooner or later confronted with the problem - where to keep "its good"?Clothing, Accessories items, other necessary stuff.The list is endless, and the apartment is not rubber.Therefore, it is necessary to the existing living space is something to build.That is equipped with storage space - dressing room, it is possible to make their own hands.

Of course, it is better to do it during the repair, all pre-planned.But the repair is not done every day, and some things are already beginning to interfere with daily.Therefore, to build a dressing room should immediately, as soon as there was such a need.It should be remembered that the presence of dressing eliminates the need to have in the house bulky closets, mezzanines, lockers, that clutter the space.

What you should know and consider when dressing equipment?

Firstly, it should not look something "alien" to the overall design of the house.Dressing shoul

d fit exactly into it, be one of the elements of the overall decoration of the apartment.And, of course, is not very useful to reduce the area of ​​the premises.That is, when the equipment is necessary as a dressing room, you can make better use of space.

Secondly, design of the "storage" is to provide convenient access to the stored things in it, as well as their normal, orderly content.Not only is the use of a dressing room, where everything is the same bunch.

Thirdly, it should be roomy and versatile.In that sense, how to provide storage headroom utensils, big things and different "stuff".Not to be confused with mezzanine dressing room or common rack.Dressing primarily designed to store clothes and bedding.A "trifle" - a "related product".

And, fourthly, desirable that such a "construction" was the least expensive.

First you need to decide what to store (and how many) things will be designed wardrobe.Equip her "just" in reserve, it makes no sense.In this case, it certainly will soon turn into a "domestic dustbin."After that is determined by the place in an apartment where you can arrange a dressing room.To it are discharged into the niche room wide corridors, various constructive protrusions indoors or in a room along a wall.This storage space can be arranged, and on the balcony, the balcony (if they are glazed and allow climatic conditions).Everyone decides for himself.

options for device - wardrobe - 1

Dressing room from the pantry

If the project apartment has a separate room, then it can be converted appropriately.Moreover, it is possible to mount the dressing room, fenced off in some corner.The main thing - that it was not an obstacle in the house.It has become fashionable to install closets.By the way, this cabinet is fairly easy to build with his own hands.Its advantage is that it does not swing door, and it saves space.

options for device - wardrobe - 3

Dressing Room plasterboard

As already mentioned, it is possible to fence off part of the room a special design.To do this, set a specific frame, which is then sheathed.For such cladding is used layered plywood, drywall, chipboard sheets.There are many options.On top of the entire body of dressing is made in the same style as the whole room.But here, everyone has their own opinion.As an option - can be fenced off a corner to close the beautiful curtains, hung on the bar.

options for device - dressing - 2

device and equipment

Any properly furnished dressing consists of two halves.One - with a long vertical area.In her special rung (like chest of drawers) on the "shoulders" is stored clothes.Samu "post" should be placed at eye level or slightly higher.The bottom may be one - two shelves for storage, for example, shoes.And you can put on top of a shelf to store hats, umbrella, gloves.In the second part of the space is partitioned shelves, pull-out drawers are installed, and so on. D. This part of the dressing room used to store linen, towels and various small items.

necessary to provide a dressing room lighting.Best of all, if you put just inside the luminaire.This is much more convenient than the "look closely" at the top of the light bulb in the room.It will be quite convenient if in each half set the LED lamps.Such coverage would be sufficient.

Another far important question.Good ventilation should be provided in any wardrobe.Otherwise, the apartment will be constantly present smell of "stale" things.Even the things will deteriorate (including mold, mildew).

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