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August 12, 2017 18:06

We make a beautiful coffee tree with his hands

In nature such coffee tree - this bush is very beautiful round shape with dark green leaves.It blooms white flowers that give way to the coffee fruit.Made their own miniature coffee trees coming into fashion in our country.They say that their appearance has a calming effect on the human psyche, and this can not argue, yes indeed, it is.Tree stands in my office at home, where I was so absolutely calm).These "home-made" is a good decoration in the room as a whole, and the desktop.

manufacturing technology complexity is not, and some high material costs, this process does not require, so that you are quite capable of making their own coffee tree.It is necessary, first, to determine the height of the tree of the future.Take into account that the center of gravity will shift upwards.On this basis, and "blank" is selected for the base (the pot).You can use a tin can, a plastic cup (only tight), but whatever.

procedure for the manufacture of coffee tree

The barrel is made of simple sticks, no matter what

to choose.Someone is using a piece of a tree branch, someone - ebony rod, and someone - a wooden stick.It is useful and ordinary pencil, if a tree is small.According to your liking this stick - "trunk" trees - wrapped anyone anything.You can use a thick woolen thread, twine.Stick tightly wrapped chosen material, and the winding end is fixed.The end must be left free, as the tree will be fixed in a pot.All trunk for the tree is ready.

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Next is "crown" of the tree.Options are also many.It is necessary to prepare a crown frame before producing exterior design.The framework is needed in the form of a ball.Suitable for tennis ball, a set of plastic children's toys.You can roll it out of the paper (old newspapers).

This is done by:

  • ball rolls down a newspaper small.
  • Then he wrapped a thick thread and coated with an adhesive (not unwound).It is thus possible to wind several layers of the ball.
  • last layer must be wrapped dark paper, then on to the crown of the tree do not show through the white spots.It is also necessary to wind and "pasted".When the ball is dry, it will be possible to assemble the entire structure.
  • needs to be done in a ball (whether paper, plastic, and so on. D.) Hole where then inserted cooked trunk.

Now we have to make the barrel assembly and the frame of the crown.Thus, the manufactured wood.It is necessary to draw the very crown.This will require the whole coffee beans.It is necessary to draw attention to the fact that on the one hand, each grain has a furrow, and the length is slightly arched.Therefore it is better first layer of glue grains so that grooves have been applied to the surface of the ball.

This work is quite time-consuming.It is necessary to glue the grains are very tight, right next to each other, one by one.Between them should not be any big gaps.Do not use glue which after drying is white as office.Otherwise, the finished crown is all covered with white "cracks".After the first layer of grains is pasted, you can begin to glue the second.Only now have to look outside the groove, ie, grains need to stick "back".

coffee - tree - 5 now remains to draw a pot, and everyone here think out itself - open space for your imagination.The main thing - to look nice pot.Secure the tree it is possible by means of various materials.For this purpose, the inside of the pot filled with plaster, gypsum.You can even lay the clay - is an option for the lazy.In the end, the tree should stand firmly in the pot.You can sprinkle a little ground, for greater naturalness.

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Video workshop for the production of coffee tree: