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August 12, 2017 18:06

As I was doing the bar in the kitchen with his hands - materials and the idea

we planned repairs in the winter, decided as soon as the weather gets warmer, and we will begin.And planning is not just cosmetic "remontik" and do everything thoroughly.My wife planned, including, and order a new kitchen set.Of course, I began to think about how the room itself, it has a kitchen, build better.Our kitchen size is not very large, and it is desirable to accommodate just a little more.

One day his wife came home and said that she came to one of his friend and saw her in the kitchen beautiful bar.Dimensions of the room even smaller than ours, but it looks just fine.Of course, she "caught fire": "Come, and you do, what you should?".I replied to the effect that the time our people in a bakery in a taxi, as it is said in one famous movie, not "ezdiyut", the bar and we do not need.

bar - rack - 0

However, his wife persuaded me once to go and look at this bar, maybe, and enjoy.We went to visit, and I looked.All looked very carefully.Honestly, I "fired up" by the idea, impressed.Then specifically "walked

" on the internet, watching photos, descriptions - choose the best option for us.

The main thing that you can do it yourself and do not spend too much.I wanted to make is that the whole structure, and looked elegant, and that does not take up much space, and so is running out.Stopped on this version, as a mini-rack against the wall.And a lot of places do not take, and looks good, and cozy place for the evening "get-togethers."

1c - bar - reception

materials for the bar

Bar racks are made from a different material.Suitable and wood, and laminate, and metal.You can use a special glass or corian.This is such an artificial material that simulates marble.However, it should take into account the overall design of the room, and first of all, of course, the kitchen set.So I did not think of something, and decided to shelf rack to do the same, as the countertop kitchen units.To keep things the same way and looked good.

In the office of the company, where we came to order set for the kitchen, I asked where they had production facilities.And then a matter of technology - explained what I need, thought, how much will it cost "super" cost-per-set.Then he met the master and said that it should be.And need I was little: she countertop for the bar, a small elongated shelf and ledge (second tier).I also ordered a vertical holder for utensils.

bar - rack - on - kitchen

idea and build

rack idea was to along the right wall of the entrance to the kitchen to set the table top stand.A little left of center, on the side, at a height of 50 cm from the top - a small shelf, and even higher - ledge with the built in illumination (multiple LED lamps).Given that at the entrance to the kitchen, I was going to put the arch with LED lights, another lights such as lamps above the bar will allow you to create different combinations in the entire kitchen lighting.

this problem, I decided, but the main difficulty was how to mount and the countertop.Since there is no small children in the family, grew, we decided to buy high chairs with pegs, for convenience.The width of the table top I have chosen such that the chairs are completely under it could slide.With racks everything was a little more complicated.Needed nickel stand, but on sale I did not find them.Through acquaintances I got from some commercial equipment that is decommissioned.But this equipment is written off and the rack - it is even nothing, and a suitable height.

Later I found a site bar equipment manufacturers, where you can buy and racks, and shelves on racks, and other chrome accessories for the bar, even in retail.But in usual DIY stores can be found except a chrome tube diameter of 50 mm - a standard for bar counters.

So, to the floor, I decided to fix the countertop using racks.For wall - lengths of the metal bracket on the wall 25. The concrete, so that the drill holes for the sleeves and then fasten screws powerful countertop to the wall - the task doable.The main thing it turned out - marking, where most tabletop mount racks - legs.Here, I think, no single recommendation.Criterion one - to sit comfortably in the sense not to knock his feet on the racks.And yet, it is necessary to think in advance about the plastic corner, closing the joint between the wall and the rack.When the countertop is attracted to the wall, at least some slot shall be, and it is - a place to collect dirt and moisture.

dsts0 So, stand to the table top I attached the first.Then marked out and drilled holes for mounting to the wall.Between the wall and countertop installed area of ​​plastic - all cracks will not.Now it's time to make the backlight in the eaves.Had Stroebe wall and pull straight from the box dyuzovoy separate electrical wire.Naturally, to the switch, which also had to be put personally to include cornice lamps.I put the double switch, so you can include all or a lamp, or only a portion.The holes in the eaves under the lights cut jigsaw.

When I set the table top, strengthened front part and put the cornice, it remains only to connect all wiring.On the ledge, I cut out of plywood cover and bottom strips of wood glued.Above the cornice turned slightly raised the lid - the regiment.In her then wife put two pots with artificial flowers.A case I attached to the "street" wall end countertops and a little higher.Under him right in the corner, at the end of the bar, I put the phone home base.that was quite a convenient option.And in the case - wine glasses, glasses and things like that.

So, building a bar counter in the kitchen with his hands, I saved a lot of money.But the main thing is that I did as he wanted, and it was necessary for us.And no need to order a whole set and it's all paid for.He walked at low cost and with his own hands, and the whole family was satisfied, and friends liked.So get down to business, and bar the party in the kitchen will be fun and comfortable!

That is about the desk got me in the end: