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August 12, 2017 18:06

How to make yourself beautiful bookshelf

Make - book - shelf - 2 In any house there are books that need somewhere to place.In every room there are places that are "empty", which distorts the overall look of the room.Why not combine business with pleasure?An excellent solution to this problem would be a bookshelf, placed in a no-filled space of the room.You can certainly buy the shelf, but you need to spend time searching for the right shelf dimensions, and it is not clear whether it will fit into the interior of the room.If a shelf do it yourself, then for some of the manifestations of fantasy and zeal, it would make the overall design of the unique "flavor".

Before you start Bookshelf works on production need to decide on the issues:

  1. What is the shelf?More like the interior decoration and filling the space or for something specific;
  2. What should be the size of the shelf?How many tiers it will have?Therefore, we must make all the necessary measurements at the site of the planned installation.It determines the length of the shelf width and height size;
  3. under what load the regiment should be made?It's one thing if a vase will be installed on it with artificial flowers, and another thing, if somewhat hefty book volumes;
  4. How better to fix the shelf?According to the installation location may be different nuances.Can be mounted on the wall, and if the shelf is in some opening - and possibly lateral fixation.It may be a variant of fastening shelves directly to the ceiling.A material of the walls?It's one thing if a brick wall, for example, and another if plasterboard;
  5. necessary to decide and to issues such as the humidity in the room, and in the place of installation - including.If the shelf is near the outer wall, next to the window, and the humidity is higher.In this case it is better to use the board than a DSP, for example;
  6. What is the external design shelves?

to make a bookshelf

Based on what decision will be made, you need to decide what kind of material you need to prepare.You can use the board, layered plywood, chipboard sheets To produce shelves.With the tool everything is clear: a saw, hammer, nails or screws, etc. It is necessary to take into account one thing - the smaller teeth in the saw, the more accurate will be the place of cutting...If the board is not very thick, the hacksaw - just right.Well, the "clearance": paints, varnishes, colored paper, film.To each his own.

Make - book - shelf - 3 In determining the length of each tier must take into account that it will add another, and the total thickness of the side walls.Bonding of individual tiers with side walls or can be made using metal angles or screws in the board end (center board width).Thus it is necessary to place screws in the sidewalls planting drill chamfer with a diameter slightly larger diameter screw head.Then the screw is completely sunk into the board.

shelves can be of various configurations.Offset tiers, eg.So you can think of any performance variant, it would wish.Some of them you can look at the proposed video: