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August 12, 2017 18:06

How to attach the TV to the wall - step by step instructions

emergence of LCD and plasma TVs has allowed to install them not only to the traditional tables or stands, but also to attach to the wall.Flat screen such models did not violate the overall interior room, and the placement of the TV on the wall saves a lot of space.

This is especially an advantage of flat TVs used in the kitchen, where the family members, especially housewives, spend a lot of time.On the wall are attached and conventional small size devices.But here's how to fix the TV on a wall - today we'll talk about it.

somehow attach a TV - to - wall - 3

Choosing bracket for TV

somehow attach a TV - to - wall - 1 Currently, the market appeared quite a lot of different models of the brackets for any version of the TV placement: on the wall, in a corner, with different radii lifting and turning.Selection of the bracket is made for a particular television, as they can not match the mounting bracket holes and the unit.Although the company - manufacturers and adhere to common standards, to make sure that you buy exactly the bracket that fits your TV, do not hurt.An

d still it is necessary to consider whether the bracket support the weight of your vehicle.If the TV is normal, it is not flat, then this bracket has the form of a shelf.

mount the TV via

bracket work for TV mount should be together, even if it is small.Note that if the material walls - gypsum board, it is better not to risk it and choose another location.And if it is mounted on a wall, the weight of the TV with the bracket must not be more than 20 kg.For the average small-sized TV spot stand mount is easy to pick up.With flat - a little more difficult.Here it is necessary to take into account the limits of rotation of the TV set horizontally and vertically.This is especially important if the mounting location is selected in a corner or close to it.

somehow attach a TV - to - wall - 2 better to start with the fact that the TV slightly to fasten the bracket (profit).Then you need to select the position of the vehicle both in height and horizontally.When the chosen place, attach the TV to the wall so that the bracket stared at her.One person should hold the bracket and the other tries to rotate the handset itself.In this way, the best option is selected bracket, we can only outline on the wall of the place for him.Then you need to remove the fastener from the TV, make according to the markings on the wall and to identify drilling locations for fastening hardware.If such an arrangement can not go wrong.

When choosing a place for your TV and you need to consider what he is capable of at the correct location on the wall even more decorate the premises, give it extra unique charm.