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August 12, 2017 18:06

We hang a chandelier on the suspended ceiling - procedures , photos and videos

Stretch ceilings are becoming increasingly popular among the population.But after installing a natural question arises - how to mount the chandelier in the suspended ceiling?If you already have a chandelier, it's one thing, but if you're only going to buy it, it is better to buy a chandelier, which is attached to the hook.Installation chandeliers with several mounting easier.

Regardless what you want to hang a chandelier, before installation of a stretch ceiling should prepare a place for its mounting.Then you do it just will not be able to, and will need professional service.

procedure for fixing chandeliers

first. Selecting a location for mounting.Typically, a geometric center of the room.

second. At this point should be installed on the ceiling of the foundation, which will be attached to the chandelier.If the fixture is designed for mounting on a hook, something hard enough to "grab" to the ceiling wooden beams.This can be done by using long screws or dowels using the building gun.The t

hickness of the timber should be sufficient to ensure that it is firmly held in the fixture, which is suspended from the chandelier.

chandelier on a tension ceiling

often uses a special metal hook with thread to "stalk".It is screwed into the hole, which is pre-drilled in the bar.But it is better to use a mount called a "butterfly".This mount allows you to adjust the position of chandeliers in height during its installation.Hook adjustment is achieved only screwing of the hook to the bar.It is better to use a wooden block as a base than to screw the hook directly into the concrete ceiling slab.If you want to change the chandelier, and she will have another fixture, then the strap to easily attach the bar.You only need to take the necessary width of the bar (5-8 cm will be enough).


If the chandelier is large, then its mounting using the so-called I-beams.This piece band building profile, the ends of which are bent (you can take any length of metal, but have a lot of drilling).It turns stretched the letter "P" with short legs.These legs are attached to the ceiling, and fastened to the bar itself chandelier.

When installing chandeliers in any way should not be forgotten that the ceilings are well stretched, but "fear" cuts.Therefore, all work should be carried out as carefully as possible.Chandeliers should be inside the body, as the suspended ceiling does not like extreme heat.