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August 12, 2017 18:06

Hang a mirror on the wall - the instruction video

On the day that man invented the mirror, do not do any house without it.This is the subject of home furnishing is constantly used by all family members, as well for women just need a mirror.Mirror has long attributed magical properties, and therefore the attitude has always been appropriate.The correct choice of the mirror location depends largely on the overall energy space background.Mirrors are present in almost every room, and before you learn how to hang a mirror on the wall, you need to think about the choice of their location.

rules placing mirrors in the room

If the room lighting is weak, it is not necessary to install it in the mirror of large size.Location should be chosen so that a mirror is not exposed to direct sunlight, as it fades from them.

mirror located in the bedroom should not be directed to the reflecting surface on the bed.According to the Chinese teachings of Feng Shui, in which case it will reflect the negative energy of the sleeping people.The mirror must be visible in the

room door - it causes a feeling of security and calm.

should be considered when installing a mirror in the bathroom, in this room humidity.Therefore, you should choose the mirror of a material having water-resistant properties.If possible, it is not necessary to have close to the wall to ensure good ventilation of the rear surface.


In the hallway is recommended to have a mirror near the entrance door on the right side.According to Feng Shui Do not install the mirror opposite the entrance.In this case, the mirror will reflect all the positive energy and do not miss it at home.

Any mirror able to visually increase the amount of space, so it is perfect for a small, well-lit room.Mirror oval increases or room length or height.From what the geometry of the room depends on how and to hang the mirror.You must pick up the mirror, taking into account that their size and shape goes well with the surrounding objects.

mirror on the wall

Mounting mirrors on

wall mirrors hung on the wall in various ways depending on the material surface.Concrete, brick - drilled.There is a way of fastening screws decorative mirrors.If the wall is lined with tiles, it's good to build in the mirror right in it, under one.When drilling or nailing uncomfortable or do not want, you can use the so-called "liquid nails".The mirror is simply glued to the wall.In any case, need not be oriented to a method of mounting the mirror and the general appearance of the mirror wall disposed thereon.