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August 12, 2017 18:06

Garage of corrugated board with their own hands

With the advent of new materials all motorists rarely erect garages capital, preferring to build a garage of corrugated board with their own hands.Its advantages are obvious: easy and practical design that does not require capital investment, is being built quickly and without the involvement of specialized equipment.In addition, a garage made of corrugated board can be easily warmed, turning it into a winter garage of metal sheets, and expand and make it a workshop, if necessary.

Garage of corrugated board with their own hands

garage of corrugated board with his hands

choice of location for the construction of the garage to garage

need to choose a place as close as possible to move away from the area to winter do not have to clear the snow from a large area.Usually, garage door positioned on the same line with a fence, some distance from the house to the exhaust gases and odors do not interfere with the tenants.Land for construction of the garage should be as flat and locked to it - free to be able to travel freely and to turn around.

choice of material for the construction of the garage of corrugated

for garage needs profiled brand C or SS, letter "C" in the mark means "wall".Figures - corrugated wave height in millimeters.Thus, corrugated C-20 - a shaped sheet for the construction of wall construction with 20 mm wave height.Note, the higher the height of the wave, the more the stiffness of the sheet and the structure as a whole, but the higher the price of the material.Profiled marks C-8 and C-10 -The cheapest, but its use will require more frequent fastening sheets to the frame, which will reduce the tightness of the structure.In addition, the thin sheets will "walk" under the influence of wind, making a very peculiar sound, so in areas with strong winds, better to take a profiled with greater wave height.The thickness of the sheeting typically ranges from 0.4 to 1 mm is enough for the garage 0.5 mm thickness.

corrugated sample from which to build garage

sample sheeting from which to build garage

Besides corrugated need:

  • Concrete and rebar for the foundation;
  • metal pipes, angles, or wooden sticks for the frame;
  • metal corner or pipe gate;
  • Screws metal.

tool for the construction of the garage of corrugated:

  • Bulgarka with cutting wheel for metal - it cut steel for the frame;
  • welding machine for welding the frame;
  • jigsaws and scissors for cutting metal sheeting;
  • screwdriver.

Stages of construction of the garage, and the timing of their implementation

  1. Pouring the foundation.Concrete solid foundation in the form of plates will serve as both the floor of the garage.Raise the foundation can be over the weekend, but for the full maturation of concrete when pouring it will need at least 3 weeks.
  2. frame erection.The frame is usually carried out from the rolled metal products: tubes, angle, channel.Stands, which will be attached wall and ceilings, installed during the construction of the foundation.The rest of the carcass structure are welded together using the welding machine.Execution period - a day or two.
  3. Mount sheeting.Profiled metal sheets cut to size using a jigsaw, and then attached to the walls at the metal screws with a rubber sealing gasket.To cope with this work can one day by three or four people.
  4. Gates mounting.Woodwork made of metal corner by welding, then sheathe their floorings.The time required for the production of the gate - one or two days.

Pouring the foundation

To start pouring the foundation in the first place until the concrete dries, perform all other work.

Construction of the foundation for the garage

foundation for the erection of a garage

  1. mark out the area under the garage and cut off her soil to a depth of about half a meter.Perform a sand filling sand tamped and watered.
  2. Perform well under the rack frame, they will serve as an additional foundation piles that improve its resistance to seasonal shifting of the ground.Wells operate such a size that they entered the strut with some margin.Depth - 0.5 meters.
  3. erected along the perimeter of the formwork made of boards or wooden boards.Lay reinforcing rods with a diameter of 8-12 mm at a distance of 15-20 cm length and breadth of the garage axis.Interconnected wire rods associated with a hook.In the prepared hole rack mounted chassis, pre-treating them with the underground part of mastic asphalt.Racks are aligned vertically on the level and strengthen spacers.
  4. Pour concrete formwork marks 300, punched his metal rod to remove air bubbles.The surface level a rule.
  5. Allow the concrete to mature for 3-4 weeks.

frame garage and gate

While concrete is gaining strength, you can frame the garage.It is made of a metal corner privarivaya corner of the uprights or wooden bars.For mounting bars using metal plates, which are fixed to the uprights by welding.

The construction of the frame and the gate to the garage

structure erected gates and garage

  1. Slice the material on the required length in accordance with the pre-prepared drawing.
  2. welded to the metal racks horizontal crossbar on three sides of the garage.If the frame is made of a bar, is welded to the uprights "ears" for fixing the wooden beams, then fasten the bars with screws.
  3. usually pent roof made with a bias to the rear wall of the garage.To fulfill its frame on the opposite strut attach metal or wooden beams, and on them - crate of rough-board.In regions with significant snow load crate should be almost continuous, so as a small corner of the roof will contribute to the accumulation of snow.
  4. woodwork brew from the metal bracket.Slice the area the size of gates at an angle of 45 degrees, sealed it, and then welded to the frame of additional stiffeners - metal corners.The installation site of the castle or bolts welded metal plates.
  5. welded to the front struts loops applied woodwork and mark out the position loop response.If the gate is made non-replaceable, then a loop counter so as to remove them was impossible, and they are welded in place.

Fastening corrugated

start a covering of the garage can be after full maturation of concrete - it will eliminate shifts the frame and the deformation of the profiled sheets.Krepjat profiled vertically - so provided a better flow of water.The sheets are fixed overlapping on the same wavelength, it is necessary to take into account in the calculation of the material.The preferred order profiled, cut into sheets of the desired size - it will reduce labor input and will increase their longevity, as cuts made at the factory, will be covered with a layer of zinc and polymer paint.

Fastening of sheets of corrugated board to the frame

Fastening corrugated sheets to the frame

  1. Begin lining the walls of the garage.The first sheet is positioned so that the lower edge it tightly to the wave front - otherwise of its sharp edges can cause injury.Krepjat list for screws with hexagon cap and rubber gasket using a screwdriver.First, fix the top corner, then align and secure the sheet over its entire area, except for the joint space with the next leaf.
  2. next sheet is superimposed on the previous one arch, fasten both sheets at several points, and continue his mount.So perform lining of the walls.It is necessary to ensure that all the vertical edges of the sheets in the corners tightly against the pillars.
  3. roof sheathing start with fixing brackets and drain.First fixed at the lower edge of the roof hooks for drainage and stack them himself gutter.Then attach the perimeter of the roof wind braces - bent angle iron sheet, designed to avoid falling under the roof of the precipitation.They are fastened to the sheathing on a 2-nail.On the bottom edge of the roof where the gutter is installed, wind strap should be secured so that its bottom edge down in the box gutter.
  4. corrugated sheets are fixed on the waves of the roof of the garage parallel axis, so as to ensure a good flow of water.On top of the side wind strips impose a sheet of corrugated board and align it to the edge of the roof, and then attach it with screws and wind the bar to the crate.Continue fastening sheets to the opposite edge of the garage.
Garage of corrugated board collected his own hands ready

Garage and sheeting assembled with their hands ready

Present technology allows you to build a small garage for temporary storage of the vehicle.About the construction of a major garage of profiled sheet with a viewing hole and wall insulation can be read in the article "Garage of the metal sheets with their own hands."