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August 12, 2017 18:06

Detailed instructions on how to choose a kitchen faucet

Choosing kitchen faucet - a very complex issue.A wide range of products offered on the market, makes you think, taking a decision.

Figure 1. How to choose a kitchen faucet

Figure 1. How to choose the kitchen faucet

plumbing market crowded with a variety of different products, different quality and price.Therefore, choosing a kitchen faucet, you need to consider some basic criteria in order to make the right decision:

  • design type mixer;
  • shape of the spout;
  • especially manufacturing;
  • type of installation;
  • manufacturer.

Design Type

type-all faucets are divided into three main types: dvuhventilnye, single lever, contactless.Each type has its own distinctive features that need to be considered.

Fig.2 dvuhventilnye kitchen faucets

Fig.2 dvuhventilnye kitchen faucets

dvuhventilnye kitchen faucets - the classic version, they can be found in a variety of apartments.They allow you to adjust the temperature and strength of the water jet by turning the two crane-Books.The latter have a rubber or ceramic lining.Rubber pads wear out faster, but they are very easy to

replace.Ceramic consumables last longer, but provided good water quality.If running water is not filtered, dvuhventilny kitchen faucet will often break down, repair cost will in most cases exceed the value of the product itself.

Figure 3. Single-lever mixers

Figure 3. Single-lever mixers

single-lever mixers are more popular due to its reliability and ease of use.Water pressure and its temperature is regulated by turning the lever.The single-lever mixers there is memory function - leaving the handle in a certain position, you turn on the next time the water approximately the same temperature, spend less time on its adjustment.

level of reliability of single-lever mixers higher than dvuhventilnyh.Adjusting the pressure and temperature of the water is done with a special cartridge is installed in the mixer.It has a long life (about a million closing and opening), in case of breakage is easy to change a new one.

cost single-lever mixer for the kitchen above the price dvuhventilnyh, but they pay off in the course of operation.Repair of such products require much less.

Figure 4. Non-contact mixers

Figure 4 Contactless faucets

Contactless faucets - an innovation that has had time to gain popularity.They are more convenient to use and economical.Water flows from the tap only when you place your hands.The mixer is a special sensor integrated, responsive to the motion.

These mixers can be adjusted.You choose the duration of the water supply after the sensor is triggered, its sensitivity.Likewise, the water temperature is adjusted.

cost contactless mixer is higher than the price of a single-lever dvuhventilnyh.Consumables too, are more expensive.Of the advantages - ease of use, the reduction of water consumption.

Form spout

Thinking, how to choose a kitchen faucet, pay attention to the shape of the spout.It is in this case plays an important role.There are several basic forms: S-, R-, J-, and L-shaped.J-shaped spout is considered a classic, and therefore widespread.But, depending on the design of a kitchen, personal preferences, you can choose any other product.The main thing is that the jet fell into the washing center, so it will not be sprayed on the work surface.

important in this case and the length of the spout.According to this criterion Spouts are divided into several types:

  • short - up to 19 cm long;
  • average - up to 24 cm;
  • long - more than 24 cm

most suitable for the kitchen will be Spouts medium length..

necessary to pay attention to the height of the spout.At too high spout water will be sprayed on the work surface, adding a hassle in the process of washing dishes or products.Low spout will be useful only if there is a deep cleaning, otherwise you will not be able to wash a large dishes - it will be uncomfortable.It is better to give preference to the "golden middle".

Design features

mixers can be divided into two types: cast and modular.Cast faucets for the kitchen is not very convenient.They are more reliable, easy to maintain, but in this case is not practical.You can not turn the spout if necessary.National mixers suitable for the kitchen better differing higher functionality.

There is another option - a mixer with pull-out spout.It will be filled with water any container, be it a large saucepan on the stove or length can be up to 1 m, sometimes even exceed this figure.

Figure 5. The mixer with pull-out spout

Fig.5 faucet with pull-out spout

also need to pay attention to the materials used for the manufacture of the mixer.Enamel - a new material in the manufacture of mixers.It looks very nice, but it is not durable, will obbivat, spoiling the appearance of the product.Nickel is able to provoke allergic reactions.Alloys "golden" look in the interior is very rich, but require careful attitude to yourself and careful maintenance.The best option would be a brass faucet, chromed.This product is durable, eliminates the breeding on the surface of pathogens, characterized by high aesthetics.Price brass faucets located within easy access.

Figure 6. Mixer brass

Figure 6. Mixer brass


producer remains to choose a mixer from a reliable manufacturer, obtain high quality guarantee of its components.In this case, you should pay attention to the German, Italian, French, Finnish and Czech mixers for the kitchen.With a limited budget to choose the best option, combining high quality and affordable price - any European manufacturer.

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