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August 12, 2017 18:06

How to make the drainage around the house with his own hands

Anyone who bought their own home, knows that the structure and content of the local area in top condition requires a number of different systems and communications.It is impossible to overestimate the importance of the drainage system.Naturally, all of the structure must be protected against flooding, so drainage device around the house - this is a recurring theme.

Before you decide to do the drainage around the house yourself, you need to determine what it will be.There are three types: open, vertical and trench.



Types of drainage - drainage outdoor

Open View the most simple in execution.To arrange it, you need to dig a drainage ditch along a marked advance the perimeter, which is the functional significance of the collection of water in the area.Open ditches well "operate" on the site, if it is on level ground.Those surfaces where there is a slope perfect for drainage with pipes.Water collected in the ditches, eventually evaporates or is given in the header.

Open drainage

Open drainage

Vertical drainage

Vertical drainage is often referred to as near-wall as it drains water from the basement of the building in order to prevent flooding of the basement floor of the building.Location of the pipe in this case is located below the floor of the ground floor.This species is very similar to the open drainage system.The main difference is the need for digging the foundation for the width of the former pit.In addition, a device width of 0.5-1 meter earthen castle.Besides, a total weight amount of work on the vertical drainage device is increased by the amount of additional excavation.

Vertical drainage

Vertical drainage

Trench drainage

next type of drainage - trench.The most common method of drainage device - laying of drainage pipes.They can be made from various materials, but the best option - a special drainage tube is perforated.Its use makes it possible to give up the extra hardware, to avoid technical limitations at the time of execution of works, and also very quick and easy to lay drainage pipe.

beginning of the preparatory work.

Before you make the drainage around the house, you must perform a number of activities.Firstly, you need to be primed outer surface of the foundation of bitumen-kerosene solution.On top of this you need to apply with a trowel a layer of bituminous mixture.Without giving zastynut mastic, it utaplivajut reinforcing mesh of fiberglass.

A day later, as the first layer of coating has dried, the surface should be reblasted putty to hide the grid.

device trench drainage.

Before you perform a drainage trench around the house, you need to prepare the ground.Using lasers need to fathom all the differences of height and set in these places landmarks.According to pour the sand to make a mark, which provides the required slope pipe.These events provide an opportunity to ensure the proper drainage of water in a specially designed drainage well.

On the prepared substrate is necessary to lay special geotextile fabric, which is poured on the washed gravel.The gravel layer is poured groove, which fits drain perforated pipe.

perforated pipe can be made with your own hands.It is necessary to take the PVC tube and drill holes in the walls.Note that the hole size should be smaller than the size gravel.

Drainage pipes are connected and verified the uniformity of the slope using the stretched cord.

At each turn the vertical pipe inserted pipe.This makes it possible to carry out the washing system.Pipes tightly closed lids and carefully wrapped in geotextile.The material is fixed on the tubes using polypropylene or caproic bichevki.

To increase the filter drain surface, the surface must be covered with a layer of gravel 20 cm. Around the gravel turns geo.Final backfill drainage system made of river sand, which serves as the drain filter.

Installing the well drainage system.

Where drainage connected branches set made well.The most common use of reinforced concrete rings.The ground for the foundation chosen by the intersection of drainage pipes.In the process of reverse dusting warming issue domestic sewage foam - a prerequisite.

Well in the drainage system

Well in the drainage system

Video installation of drainage system