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August 12, 2017 18:06

How to fix clogged toilet - instructions and practical tips

How to fix clogged toilet

How to fix clogged toilet

emergence of clogging the toilet is quite a common problem.With it, you might encounter in a city apartment and a country house and a cottage equipped with a system of draining sewage.This problem usually requires a quick solution.If you wait a leisurely plumbing, the extent of the spill sewage can lead to another major repairs and budgetary spending.Meanwhile, the solution to the problem how to eliminate the blockage in the toilet is accessible even for the average person.It does not require special technical skills, but rather the minimum knowledge and presence in the pulp of available tools that are sold in every hardware store.

What clog our closets

To master the technology of cleaning the toilet and adjoining sewer pipes, you must first become familiar with its structure.

toilet is a health device, inside which there is a receiver of sewage, turns into a curved pipe, the output of which is connected to the sewer system.Bend the pipe in the toilet bowl is designed

to create a water seal, which is designed to prevent the penetration of the unpleasant smells of sewage into the apartment.

Sample blockage in the toilet

sample clogging the toilet

Has this bend, as a rule, get stuck and various large insoluble items.This may be fragments of heavy paper, rags and other rags, and polyethylene bags and so on.Basically, these things fall into your bowl because of the actions of your same household, but in some cases, in apartment buildings, such items can get into your site sewerage system due to the activities of your upper neighbors.

Methods for cleaning toilets

In general, the methods of cleaning toilets coincide with similar actions to remove blockages in other sanitary devices.They can be divided into two large groups:

  • Mechanical methods - is to destroy or remove the object clogging mechanical solid devices.
  • Chemical methods - is the destruction, dissolution objects clogging aggressive chemical liquids.

Chemical Solution clogging the toilet

This is the simplest way to eliminate blockages.In order to carry out its need to purchase at hardware stores a special liquid or powder, which is filled or poured directly into the sink bowl.The powder or liquid creates an aggressive solution on alkaline or acid base, which dissolves all barriers, gets in his way.

But such methods should be treated with some caution.When using such aggressive solutions is always the possibility of damage both the plumbing and the adjacent sewage pipelines.So before using such substances, carefully read their composition and the instructions for use and correlate this knowledge with material composition that is used in your sewer system.

Cleaning the toilet bowl with soda - a simple way

Cleaning the toilet bowl with soda - a simple way to

significant disadvantage of the use of chemically aggressive fluids is their inability to deal with certain types of impurities, such as getting stuck with hard objects.

Mechanical methods of cleaning the toilets -

plunger Plunger - this is a very popular plumbing tool that should be present in every home.Its design is very simple - rubber hemisphere placed on the mounting arm.

Working with such a tool is extremely simple: place a rubber hemisphere over the position of the discharge and sharp pressing pushing to deep water runoff.The water pressure is transmitted to the place of obstruction, or destroys it pushes deeper into the sewer system until the main sewer riser.

Cleaning the toilet bowl via plunger

Cleaning the toilet with plunger via

use the toolbox for emergency cleaning

In emergency situations in the absence of plunger can use and improvised devices.To do this, take a plastic bottle of appropriate size, cut off her bottom and lower the structure into the drain hole.As well as the plunger - make sudden jerks, which should destroy the blockage in a sewer or in a bend of the inner pipe bowl.

also clog in the toilet or in the adjacent pipe can simply pouring it in a bucket of water, heated to a hot temperature.Be careful.Firstly, this boiling water can burn themselves, and secondly from excessive hot water can crack earthenware bowl.So better to pour into a small bowl of hot water to the surface warmed.Generally the heating of the toilet in place of the pipe bending phenomenon may also help in pushing the obstruction to the side of the main riser.

Chemical cleaning liquid can be made independently.To do this, find half packs the usual household soda.Dissolve it in water and pour into the bowl.Such an alkaline solution perfectly helps to eliminate some types of blockages.

Using plumber's snake

excellent tool to remove blockages in the toilet and into the sewage is plumber's snake.It allows you not only to destroy the blockage and push it toward the main source of the jamb, but also removing large items (such as rags) by mistake got into the sewer system.


plumber's snake to clean the toilet - Picture

plumber's snake equipped with handle L-shaped on one side and a sharp spiral nozzle or the other.Spiral nozzle can be used as a kind of hook, which is extracted object, clogged drains.

Driving toilet cleaning using plumber

Scheme cleaning the toilet using plumber's snake

Working with plumber's snake is very simple:

Lower the cable end into the drain hole in the toilet or drain hole sink or bathtub.For convenience in the sink can be removed grille drain, it holds only one bolt.Also, the end of the cable can be inserted directly into a sewer pipe, disconnecting from the sink siphon, which is cleaned and rinsed under running water.

Hold the rope with one hand - tuck the tip as far as possible.Then, turning the T-handle push the cable end is closer to the site of obstruction.Zayatryavshy thing you can either push out into the main riser, or remove, catching his spiral nozzle.

clean the toilet makeshift pumping

effectively deal with clogged toilet and sewer pipes and helps self-made instrument called pumping.

Clean the toilet pumping homemade

clean the toilet makeshift pumping

It is made in the following manner:

  • Find a steel rod and at one end of the cut thread,
  • Saw of steel and rubber two plates, make a hole at their center.
  • Screw the nut on the rod tip, then secure the plate and fix them another nut.
  • At the opposite end of the bar make the handle for ease of use.It can be formed by simply wrapping the end of the tape.

toolmaking blockages can be removed effectively.Place the plate in the drain hole of the toilet and jerky, similar to using a plunger, push the weight of the water inside the sewer pipes.

Blockages toilet in an apartment building

If the elimination of clogging the toilet in an apartment house all simply because you have access to the entire sewer system from the toilet to the septic tank, the removal of blockages in apartment buildings can cause some problems.

Because of the chaotic movement of sewage blockage of the subject, whether cloth or plastic bag can get into your system and from the upper floors.In order to avoid such problems - at the junction of the sewer system of your apartment and the main riser is necessary to place a check valve.

Eliminate blockage raborkoy corrugations

When clogged toilet can be a situation when you have to disconnect a reception pipe of the sewage system from the toilet.When using this method, you can not only effectively clean the blockage, which can be formed in a bend of the toilet, but also direct access to the sewer pipes.In this case, the plumber's snake can be sent directly into the tube, which will facilitate the work of troubleshooting.However, to perform such work should be with caution and warning neighbors to ensure the absence of receipt of a new batch of wastewater.

carry out preventive work

To avoid extra hassles - the operation of toilets must comply with certain rules.Please note that the toilet is not designed to reset to bulky and insoluble in water objects.Even a small rag, ranked in the sink bowl can become an anchor for smaller items and form a solid obstruction.

are attentive and poured into the toilet fluids.Some of them may be in contact with the cold sewage to form insoluble compounds and clogging pipes.

To prevent clogging should be regular cleaning toilets cleaned using special cleaning agents.

To become more familiar with the process of cleaning clogged toilet - check out the video tutorials.

How to fix clogged toilet: video tutorial