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August 12, 2017 18:06

Sander on wood : application , variety

sander on wood - an indispensable tool in carrying out finishing works in a country house.Using a grinder to speed up the process of grinding and polishing of wooden surfaces - wall cladding, floor, furniture, decorative items.Grinders for wood convenient and compact, allowing for high-quality alignment of all wooden surfaces.

Sander on wood

sander wood

There are several main types of sanders household use, their different design and mode of operation determine their purpose.For the construction and repair, carpentry and joinery work using the following types of grinders:

  1. Belt sanders (LSM) - a tool for aggressive and rough treatment of wooden, plastic and metal surfaces.
  2. Orbital Sanders (Graduate School of Management) allow for a softer treatment by circular movements of small amplitude.Orbital Sanders grinding surface has a rectangular shape, which facilitates the processing of angles.
  3. A variety of flat Orbital Sanders is a delta, it differs the triangular shape of the sole.Deltashlifmashinka useful for
    handling small and difficult to access areas, angles, recesses and grooves.
  4. random orbit sanders refers to the instrument, which allows the surface to polish the polishing state by a combination of rotational and vibrational motions of the grinding plate.However, for the treatment of small surfaces and the interior angles of eccentric sander is not suitable.
Varieties of grinders

Varieties of grinders

Application of belt sanders Belt Sanders

used where necessary to quickly remove rather thick layer of material, such as for grinding planed boards or removing old paint from surfaces.LSM also used for precise adjustment of parts and processing the cut line.

material processing is carried out by means of an abrasive belt, closed in the ring and stretched on rotating rollers.When moving belt takes quite a thick layer of material that is comparable with the work elektrorubanka.The thickness of the release layer depends on the grain abrasive belt.

When choosing LSM is necessary to pay attention on two parameters: the width and length of the used abrasive belt and the speed of its rotation.It depends on the width of the area of ​​the surface being treated, on the speed - and the degree of aggressiveness of treatment.Standard sizes for LSM tape are: 76h457 mm 76h533 mm 76h610 mm.The width of the belt at the semi-sanders can be more - 100 mm, but for household needs, they are rarely used.Belt speed usually ranges from 150 to 500 meters per minute, the power - from 400 to 1200 watts.Useful functions are smooth control tape speeds and the automatic centering of the belt, do not let it slip from the rollers, even when the rotational movements.

Belt sander for wood

belt sanders wood

abrasive tape LSM is of two types, with the abrasive layer of aluminum oxide or zirconium.Zirconium tape provides deeper, but aggressive treatment, contributes to the appearance of scratches, which must be treated with ispolzovaniemmenee grainy tape.For the treatment of metal surfaces is better to choose a zirconium strip, it can be used to carry out sharpening of the cutting surfaces.

surface treatment using a belt sander is performed as follows: set the machine on the surface to be treated without bias and without exerting pressure on the machine, make a smooth longitudinal or circular motion across the surface of the material.If necessary, fine adjustment of grinding parts is briefly forth motions or using the bounding box.

Application orbital sanders

The principle of operation of these tools is similar: grinding is carried out by light circular motions and oscillating grinding surface with an amplitude of up to 5 mm.As an abrasive material used sandpaper sheets with varying grain size, are fixed on the bottom with clips or Velcro.

Orbital sanders wood

Vibroshlifmashinka wood

Vibroshlifmashinki provide high quality of processing and used for grinding virtually any material: wood, plastic, metal, plaster and putty, as well as for removal of corrosion products and old paint and varnish coatings.

degree of treatment depends on the amplitude of the oscillations: for roughing selected amplitude of 4-5 mm, for fine grinding - 1.5-3 mm.In domestic models the rotation speed is usually adjusted in the range of 2000-5000 rpm, and the speed of oscillation may be in the range of 25,000 per minute.The ability to control the amplitude of the eccentric, the speed of rotation and oscillation - a very useful option for the Graduate School of Management.

important parameter is the power of Graduate School of Management, it is usually in the 150-600 watt range.The higher the power, the greater the performance and continuous operation of the tool.Another important factor that contributes to the use of Graduate School of Management, and is a form of the grinding area of ​​the sole.It may be square, rectangular or deltoid.

Application eccentric (orbital) grinders

Orbital sander according to the principle of action similar to rectangular Orbital Sanders, but have greater productivity and a more subtle degree of grinding and polirovkiza through a complex path fluctuations.sanded surface treatment is performed to disk with a diameter of 150 mm, the abrasive nozzle as Emery use special wheels with different grinding grain or felt tip.

Power orbital sanders typically 200-650 watts, speed - up to 13,000 per minute, the speed of the eccentric fluctuations - up to 24,000 per minute.Regulation of speed and vibrations, as well as the adjustment of the amplitude of the eccentric, like the Graduate School of Management, are very useful features.

Using orbital sanders

use orbital sanders

For all grinding machines characterized by the formation of a large amount of dust during operation.Some models are equipped with holes in the base to collect dust and dust collector.This option is very useful when working indoors, so if possible you should pay attention to models with a dust collection.Another important point is the length of the cord - with a short cord you have to constantly use an extension cord.You can select the battery and polishers.When you buy should pay attention to the shape of the handle and the weight of the instrument by holding it in his hands for some time, testing the activation and regulation regimes.

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