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August 12, 2017 18:06

Warming bath roof

roof insulation bath - an important task, on the correct implementation of which depends on the temperature and humidity in the steam bath and other rooms.First of all, for the proper roof insulation bath it is important to decide whether the bath is equipped attic floor or made ventilated attic.From this it depends largely on the sequence and choice of materials for thermal insulation of roofs baths.

Warming bath roof

roof insulation bath

There are two main stages in the bath roof insulation: insulation of the ceiling and the steam room and changing room insulation roof slopes.The feasibility of the second phase for the bath with unheated attic well ventilated and very controversial - when the attic temperature will be close to a street, not a problem of occurrence of condensation, and thus rotting wooden structures.Therefore, in the bath with a cold attic roof slope is usually not insulated - it's a waste of money.Ventilation equip by performing skylights, and the attic is used for drying and storing brooms and

other necessary items.

When insulation roof bath with an attic floor is necessary to insulate the ceiling, and roof slope.This will give the opportunity to arrange on the second floor complete relaxation room.In such a bath, you need to give full attention to overlap the vapor barrier to prevent rising damp on the second floor.In other respects the principles of thermal insulation of the roof bath do not differ and are performed on similar technology.

Options insulation ceiling Bath and materials used

Insulation of the ceiling can be done by flat way, when the planks are laid on the upper crowns log, or boarding - fixing from the bottom to the joists.There is also a method of insulation panel using a pre-made sandwich panels.

as roof insulation baths can act and natural materials such as clay, mixed with sand, straw or sawdust, and modern insulation - mineral or basalt wool.The role of insulation also play a board or plank are filed as a ceiling, so their thickness shall be the maximum possible for this type of insulation.Use foam for insulation of the ceiling is not recommended for two reasons: it is a fire hazard and when heated emit harmful substances.For warming rays bath with attic is possible to use polystyrene foam and the other slab insulation on one condition: brand insulation must be non-combustible with the addition of flame retardants, for example, expanded polystyrene PSB-S.

Stacking layers of insulation on the ceiling

Stacking layers of insulation on the ceiling

also need to pay attention to the ceiling vapor barrier.It is performed by steam and is used for this purpose usually gidroparoizolyatsionnye metallized film such IzospanFB.The metallized surface not only insulates from the steam bath evaporation, but reflects infrared radiation, which improves the thermal insulation.If the insulation is performed by fibrous materials, it is necessary to provide drainage of moisture from the layer of insulation, so on top of their closed waterproofing membrane with unilateral paroprovodimostyu toward the attic.When warming rays also need to ensure odnostoronnyuyuparopronitsaemost entire layer of insulation to the attic space damp air does not condense on the walls and ceiling.

technology grazing roof insulation bath

grazing insulation is used most often in small wooden baths.Thick board cut one into the upper crowns log 5-10 cm. The thickness of the boards should be at least 60 mm, since they play a role at the same time bearing ceilings and insulation.Below, you can sheathe their insulation and decorative cladding, and the top - in addition to warm.

  1. grazing the ceiling boards are placed across the steam room.To improve the thermal insulation properties of the ceiling in the penultimate crown perform dredging thickness boards.The logs are processed antiseptic for interior work, after which the board is laid, tightly fitting them to each other.For better tightness can use decking.

    Laying on the ceiling boards

    laying planks on the ceiling

  2. Inside the board is treated with an antiseptic, dried, and then sheathe vapor barrier film, fixing it with the building or the furniture stapler.Joints glued metallic tape.

    The ceiling is glued vapor barrier film and a metal tape glued

    ceiling glued vapor barrier film and a metal tape glued

  3. the top board is closed vapor-permeable waterproofing.Water vapor permeability is required in order to drain the water vapor trapped in the covering board, otherwise they will start to rot.It is therefore not recommended to use plastic wrap to waterproof ceiling.On top of the waterproofing layer is laid insulation material.This may be a clay mixed with sand or sawdust, expanded clay, slag, as well as modern fiber materials.A layer of expanded clay or clay in this case must be at least 20 cm.

    On top of the board is poured concrete block

    top of the board is poured concrete block

  4. mineral or basalt wool, has excellent insulating properties, put a layer of 10 cm. For laying insulation in a bath with an atticfloor must first be put on the floor bars playing a support role for the finished floor.Step styling -. 50 cm bars need to carefully handle disinfectant.

    Laying mineral wool for insulation

    laying mineral wool insulation for

  5. top of a heater put another layer of waterproofing.Fasten it to the bars finished floor stapler.This layer of waterproofing is necessary to protect the insulation layer from leaks or kapelkondensata.On top lay a waterproofing finishing floor attic floor, for the unheated attic enough to lay a waterproofing unplaned board to protect it from damage.

technology boarded roof insulation bath

This method differs from the grazing that overlap run above and below the ceiling beams that hold the walls.Such overlap can be used for any size baths, a wood and brick and block.The main insulation in this case, are placed in the space between the ceiling beamed blister.

Tech suspension baths roof insulation

technology boarded roof insulation bath

  1. Perform rough ceiling board thickness not less than 25 mm, fixing it from the bottom of beams with nails or screws.From the rough ceiling sheathe steam vapor barrier metallized film with a stapler, a film glued joints with duct tape.Perform finishing ceiling linings, fixing it on the bars, stacked on top of the vapor barrier.All wooden elements must be treated with antiseptic and linings - special varnish for bath water based.

    Lay vapor barrier sheets are impregnated with antiseptic and placed battens

    Lay vapor barrier sheets are impregnated with antiseptic and placed battens

  2. between the joists are placed for insulating mats made of mineral fiber materials.Layer thickness -. 10-15 cm mats placed so that no gaps remain.Instead, you can use concrete block mats.The clay or slag in this case is not recommended, as they create quite a lot of pressure on podshivnoy ceiling and can push the board.

    The process of laying of insulation mats

    process of laying of insulation mats

  3. top of the insulation film to put a waterproof vapor-permeable layer for vapor removal of a layer of insulation.The joints of the film are also glued shut.

    Laying waterproofing film

    Laying waterproofing film

  4. beams lay on the finishing floor attic floor.It can be made of boards or waterproof plywood.

Insulation of roof slopes

Warming rays is necessary only if the device heated attic.In general roof insulation bath technology is not different from the conventional roof insulation using fibrous materials or foam.Thermal insulation can be made both during laying of roofing materials, as well as later.To perform thermal insulation arrange a kind of "pie" consisting of a vapor barrier on the part of the attic, waterproofing from the roofing and insulation layer between them.

Thermal insulation of the roof slopes

roof insulation

rays at warming the roof should be aware of the right device of pipe penetrations - the distance from the pipe to combustible materials must be at least 20 cm in order to fulfill this condition is fulfilled box of sheet iron, and okolotrubnoe space.filled with non-combustible insulation such as rock wool.The pipe passes through the attic floor, in addition, must be isolated from accidental contact - heating pipes in the bath can be very significant, especially relevant for the metal furnace.

Correct installation of the furnace roof with insulation

Correct installation of the furnace roof with insulation