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August 12, 2017 18:06

Installation of soft tiles with their hands - instruction , stacking technology

flexible or soft tile - coating for roofing, which is mounted on the roof of even complex shapes.Reasonable cost and ease of installation, durability - but the main advantages of the soft roof.Plates up to a meter in length, having a width of 34 cm and a thickness of 5mm, decorated on the edge of the cut-out elements that resemble the petals.This multi-layer material.Cover soft roof tile is somewhat simpler than the metal, but it will take more time.

Installation of soft tile

Mounting soft tile

What is in soft tile

first layer - lining, sprinkling or film.The layer protects the wafer by bonding during transportation or storage;

Couple waterproofing layers of bituminous mass.This ensures water resistance.Bitumen improve oxidation to increase wear resistance, polymers or modified to make more flexible and durable.The bottom surface is covered with self-adhesive layer of bitumen (stripes or dot);

third main layer is made of biologically stable web, typically a material such polyester or fiberglass.This layer features inc

lude insulating layers, that it provides the tensile strength;have laminated shingles have also stekloholstovy layer.

tile surface - sprinkling of rock dust, finishing keramizirovannym granulate.A layer of decorative coating imparts reflects the sun's rays, protects the surface from damage of mechanical nature.

use Goodies roof with a soft covering

  • Low weight: shingles weighs about 8 kg per m2.For comparison, the original has a weight of about 50 and a metal tile about 5 kg per m2.
  • High tightness of the roof ramps.The individual sheets are glued under the sun in a single mass.
  • flexible soft tile, resistance to deformation.
  • Aesthetics.Variants of design and colors - dozens!You can select and texture of the coating.
  • Many elements of the roof can be made of the same material (flagon, horse).Obrezkov virtually none.
  • Affordable price, ease of installation (laminated and foil types of tiles are more expensive).
What it is in soft tile

What is in soft tile

Separate unit with a soft slate roof

To lay a soft coating require solid flooring, which is usually made of grooved boards.Also can serve as a base sheet waterproof plywood, various types of chipboard.Flooring is fixed to the rafters.It is necessary to achieve perfect smoothness as a thin coating of soft tile will clearly give out any unevenness.

The gentle slopes, the slope of which is from 12 to 20 degrees, it is recommended to equip the glass fiber lining layer.Tape-lining carpet is laid parallel to the eaves, rolling them from the bottom towards the top.The joint at the roofing material do not, putting

fabric overlap, and it should be at least 5 cm If the steep slope of the roof -. Laying of roofing material is carried out single-row, moving along the eaves.

sheet of shingles are fixed to the base of the nails galvanized, having a sufficiently broad hat (so-called Tolev nails).Summer blow a few days will provide samovulkanizatsiyu roofing materials.If the heat is not expected, are building a hairdryer.

on relief fractures (contiguity to the chimney, skate, finishing skylights) joints reinforce bituminous adhesive to increase the reliability of the seal.The adhesive must be from the same manufacturer as the tile itself.

to enjoy the beauty of the valley lanes (rolled material).The bands are placed on a bitumen roof and fixed with nails every 10 cm.Ridge stripes trim the edge of ramps and roof ridge.Bands for securing the eaves at the edge of the ramp before the soft roof.Skating place aerators ridge to the roof space has been ventilated.Install and snow stop.

recommended to install flexible coating, unless the temperature is below 5.At lower temperatures, shingles (a sheet with cherepichkami 3-4) becomes brittle.The sheet can be fastened with nails, or only self-adhesive layer.

The process of laying of roofing material

process of laying roofing

Tips for buying soft tile

* All packages must be from the same party, that there was no ambiguity in color.To avoid color stains, for installation in turn take the sheets from different packs of shingles.

* The cheapest one-color tile - brick, green, or brown hues.

* Foiled tiles larger than the others, so looks spectacular on the big slopes.

* If the roof has a small angle of inclination, it is not necessary to spend money on shingles.It still will not be seen from below.It is cheaper to use a conventional surfaced roofing material.

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