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August 12, 2017 18:06

Roofing of Ondulin own hands

Ondulin otherwise called evroshifer.It has exactly the same configuration as that of the classic roofing slate.Only ondulin it weighs much less and is made up of other components.

Roofing of Ondulin own hands

roofing Ondulin own hands

Properties Ondulin Ondulin

basis of the pulp web in which the fibers are arranged mineral supplements.They give strength material.To make plasticity and moisture-proof sheets impregnated with thermosetting resin and distilled bitumen.It turns out the hybrid material having properties of roofing slate and at the same time.Color Ondulina can be anything: a dark brown, green or red.One Ondulina sheet covers the area of ​​the roof 2000h950 mm.The weight of one sheet is about five kilograms.This is five times less than the mass of ordinary gray slate. Installation Ondulina own hands This roofing material can be used to cover the roof, so to speak, from the ground or on top of the old roofing material (for example on top of slate).

Video - installation of roof Ondulin


roof If the roof has a slope of 10 degrees, it is necessary to make a crate made of plywood or thin boards.To start nailed to the roof rafters of the bars at a distance of a little less than half a meter, so that the joints Ondulina found themselves on a solid footing.Cross crossbar nailed at the same distance.The result is a geometrically-seasoned grill, making it easier to attach sheets evroshifer.To ensure the flow of water from the roof, you need to make an overlap of 200 mm.For the side overlap enough distance one wave Ondulin.When the roof slope over 15 degrees, the grating pitch is at least - 600 mm, the end overlap is shorter by 30 mm.The width of the side-lap remains the same - one sheet wave.Doing crate, should strive to ensure that the cross rungs are parallel to each other and the earth's surface.It does not need special equipment, enough to make a pattern of a certain length of the bar.It is inserted between the bars at both ends.After nailing one end of the bar, is attached to the other end of the nails.The distance between the already nailed the board and must comply with the following cutoff wooden pattern.

Calculation of roofing sheets and markup

Sheet Ondulina is exactly the same size and configuration of gray slate.If the roof is covered with slate old enough to count the number of sheets.The exact calculation of roofing material and the fit to the size of the roof is on the ground.The required size of the sheet Ondulina scheduled conventional colored pencil.To get a smooth line, the cut may be applied on top of a sheet of Ondulina.Bituminous slate is easily ordinary hacksaw sawing wood.To flag is not stuck, it should be lubricated with lubricating oil or grease.If there are in the household electric saw, it is better to use it: as a circular and a manual.

laying sheets on the roof Ondulin

Post attachments ondulin be downwind - from the slope of the roof to the top of it.The second sheet is placed next to the previous one.Moreover, each subsequent row should be laid in such a way that the joints between the sheets must be provided in the middle of a single sheet from the bottom.Get something similar to the brickwork, which is not allowed in continuous vertical joints.This laying method can significantly strengthen the side seams, which are composed of not four but only three sheets.

Installation procedure sheets as follows

stacking technology sheets as follows

Mounting bituminous slate

Attach Ondulina sheets to the rafters with nails with special hats.On one sheet of spent twenty nails.Scoring they should be on the crest of a wave after one.Mounted on the lower end of the sheet, and then - on the crossbars crates.For more information about how to cover the roof Ondulin read here.To "not to move down towards the" extreme need to nail the nails to a bar, which can be seen.Then stretch the rope from side to side.According to her nails to beat the rest.

Lathing for roof of Ondulin

Crate roof of Ondulin

Making standard roof elements

to close the ridge, valley, gable using special elements Ondulina.They are mounted on the same principles as the sheets evroshifer.In areas of the roof joints and vertical elements of the roof used special aprons of the same Ondulina.Places joints should be treated with waterproofing material to prevent water from getting under the leaves Ondulina.

Terms and roofing installation rules ondulin

For proper laying of bituminous slate, to extend the period of its operation, it is necessary to adhere to the following rules:

· Work should be done in dry weather when the air temperature above 25 degrees in the shade.When such indicators of the thermometer, the sun warmed the air to 30 degrees, which corresponds to the melting temperature of the bitumen.Installation under such circumstances, to put it mildly, would be ineffective.Ondulin melted at the fixing nails, and formed cracks.Finished roofing Ondulin easily withstand any heat, because the nails are fixed, and the material is not subjected to mechanical stress.The same recommendation applies to the cold season, from zero degrees and below.Ondulin becomes hard and brittle.

· When walking on the roof during installation and after him, do not tread on the roofing material between the waves.Such sheet Ondulina load leads to its deformation.While projecting ridge sheet can withstand any load.

· The installation instructions for Ondulina stated that the need to use twenty nails for fastening a sheet.An attempt to save will result in failure and reversal sheet gust of wind.The same rule applies to the screws that attach evroshifer in cases where the crate is made of metal.

· In areas with dissimilar materials: on the ridge of the roof, valleys, tongs - are encouraged to provide additional waterproofing special adhesive tape onduflesh, which is sold together with sheets Ondulin.

Mounting roof evroshifer own hands is easy.Subject to all rules, this roof will last many years.