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August 12, 2017 18:06

Gambrel roof with his hands - the instruction and construction technology

Will your home look well-groomed shed, rustic cabin or cottage elite, largely depends on the type of roof you choose for its construction.In spite of the delights you can spoil all the impression of a simple little design on top.

Gambrel roof with his hands

hipped roof with his hands

attractive solutions in this respect could be the choice hipped, hipped roof.She will give a special grace even the most simple construction.A special feature of this design is the presence of ramps on all four walls.It consists of a pair of main rays, having a trapezoidal shape, and a pair of triangular hip that cover the slopes, marginalia.

several types

Types of hip roof

Forms hipped roofs

Advantages and disadvantages hipped roof

addition special appearance, hipped roof has a high durability and reliability.It is able to effectively resist the adverse weather conditions, abundant rainfall, strong winds, as well as external loads.Also design feature is that the roof space can be arranged comfortable living room, an attic or loft.You do not have to

face significant disadvantages on the slope of the roof.The room will have a sufficiently comfortable temperature.Uniform heating of the roof is supported by increasing the surface area.

However, the construction of such a structure is associated with certain difficulties.It is necessary to accurately distribute the load in connection with a significant weight and a large area surfaces rays.We need a thorough calculation of the area of ​​the roof and truss system.

Designing roof

roof project are available to professionals or do it yourself.If you are new to the construction business, this can be a serious challenge.Construction hipped roofs require some knowledge in mathematics and an accurate assessment of the expected load.Of course, part of the formula can be found on the Internet and there is even an online calculator for calculating, but it does not completely solve all the problems.

How to calculate the truss system

gambrel roof frame features a more complex bearing structure.Central rafters, of course, provide an additional load on the truss system.Therefore, it is important to accurately calculate all loads and angles.

take into account not only their own aesthetic preferences, but the external weather conditions, area of ​​the house, the space in between the walls of the house, used for roofing material and step rafters (how far they are from each other).For example, for snow regions, choose angles of 40 degrees, so that the snow did not stay on the roof.In many ways, the design of the system will affect the logs themselves.They must not only be clean, dry and free of knots, but to be of sufficient diameter to not caving in, support the weight of the roof.Otherwise, it may require additional posts and struts.

In general, the truss system is reflected in the following picture:

Depending on the size of the building, roof elements, struts may vary.

The sample of the roof truss system

sample truss roof system

Determination of the roof and the size of the size of roof elements

In a simplified form, to calculate the size and area of ​​the roof, in meters, is enough to have information about the length, house width, also require information about the main rays corners.Knowing this, it is easy to calculate the required area.However, it should also take into account the amount of chimney, and, if so, the size of roof windows, eaves, parapets, roof fasteners mother.In addition, the available data will be sufficient to calculate the dimensions of the elements of rafters, and the length of the desired thickness.It will take a minimum knowledge of geometry or online calculator.

How to partition and mount roof truss system

Precision marking can be achieved by using templates or measuring rail, width of 5-10 cm and a length of several meters.You do not need to use a tape measure to lay the same distance.It also eliminates errors in the future arrangement of the frame members.It will be necessary to determine the axial skeleton line, mark the location of the central rack.Then the location is marked on all the perimeter of the house rafters.

Before installing the truss system fits mauerlat, then - according to the markings central beam.On her desk are established central support for the ridge beam.It must be placed strictly horizontally at the same height from the ceiling of the house.Then immediately begins assembling hipped roof and all the other elements of its roof.

Mounting batten

as flooring used on top of the rafters, can speak wood or metal.Pre-fixing waterproofing material, you can start the installation batten.Dry boards nailed or other material is strictly perpendicular to the rafters, after a certain period.For more information about the installation of crates here.

Installing roofing material

Installation of the roof does not have any features compared with other types of roofs.The material may be any according to your taste: soft cover, metal tile, slate and more.Laying is performed with the bottom - up lap.

Of course, this is the most general description of the key points of the erection of the roof of a similar design, and its distinctive features.What should pay attention to if you want to make a hip roof at his home.