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August 12, 2017 18:06

Specifications IZOSPAN

Materials Izospan - comfortable and durable film construction having a different purpose and features of the application.They are characterized by high performance and, depending on the version, may be used as a moisture, vapor and windproof layer at almost any stage of construction or decoration.

Technical haakteristiki IZOSPAN

Technical haakteristiki IZOSPAN

Wind- and waterproof membrane protective film

Membrane film used to protect structural elements and thermal insulation of buildings from the weathering of sedimentary moisture and condensation, made of polypropylene, known for their durability,ecological safety and resistance to aggressive substances and microorganisms.Wind-proof membrane Izospan have several modifications:

  • Izospan A - single-layer membrane with windproof and moisture barrier properties, is used in the performance of thermal insulation of walls and roofs for wind and moisture protection insulation.The outer side of the film - smooth, water-repellent properties, internal - porous, thereby providing
    diversion of moisture from the layer of insulation.
  • double layer version - Izospan AM, different high-strength redundant layer that protects the membrane film from damage during installation and operation.It has a high water repellent ability.
  • Modification Izospan AF - wind and fire protection WATERPROOF film, made on membrane technology.Fire can be used in AF Izospan easily flammable wooden buildings, as well as for the windshield easily combustible insulation.
  • Izospan AS - a three-layer membrane film with high water repellency.Allowed laying directly on the layer of insulation, no ventilation gap arrangement.
Table varieties IZOSPAN

Table varieties IZOSPAN

Hydro and vapor barrier film

Modifications IZOSPAN used to protect all parts of the building from moisture vapor from both inside and outside the premises, and in interfloor, Roofing slabs.Made from polypropylene, and has an outer laminated porous inner surface.The loose structure allow condensation to accumulate, but do not prevent its further evaporation, thereby achieving diversion of moisture vapor from the water capacity of structures and prevents the appearance of condensation droplets on them.

  • Izospan B refers to the insulation film, used to protect walls, partitions, as well as layers of fibrous insulation against the penetration of water vapor from inside the building.Also vapor barrier properties, protect the interior walls of the mold and mildew, dust and insulation particles.It can be used in buildings made of any material.
  • Izospan C has a higher hydraulic and vapor barrier properties, so used as WATERPROOF film in unheated attics, as underlay and how Hydro WATERPROOF substrate for laying laminate and parquet.High mechanical strength allows its use as a roofing waterproofing under metal roofing.With Izospan leaking roof can withstand at fixing and abutment to the elements of design and perfectly protects the truss system from getting wet and condensation.
  • Izospan D - the universal vapor barrier for all structural elements, with a very low water vapor permeability and high density.It can withstand significant mechanical forces, including the snow load.

Izospan DM - modification parovlagozaschitnogo universal coverage with high strength, anti-condensate layer and protection against UV radiation.Field of application is much wider than that of IZOSPAN D, it can be used as a temporary covering of the roof and walls during construction and finishes.

Specifications IZOSPAN classes : B, C, D, DM

Specifications IZOSPAN classes: B, C, D, DM

metallized film

IZOSPAN with a metallic inner layer presents a few modifications.Their range of applications due to the property reflect the infrared radiation, so that in addition to steam and moisture barrier properties they provide additional insulation space.

  • Gidroparoizolyatsionnaya film with a metallic reflective layer Izospan FB is designed for internal protection steam room, saunas and other rooms with high temperatures as well as for protection against moisture and condensation Roofing heated rooms, attics, wall partitions and ceilings.As the reflective layer used metallized Mylar sheet.
  • Izospan FD - polypropylene film with metallization, scope - protection of roof and wall structures against wind, moisture outdoors, and internal vapor condensation.It can be used as an infrared screen.It has high tensile strength, withstand substantial mechanical loads.
  • Modification Izospan FS is used as a vapor and waterproofing of different designs, as well as an additional heat-reflecting layer for interior decoration.It has a lower density, respectively, lower price.

Izospan FX - modification recommended by the manufacturer, as a substrate for infrared warm floors.It can also be used to steam insulation of walls, roofs, floors.