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August 12, 2017 18:06

How to choose a profiled roof

Once erected walls of the house, there is a question about the choice of material of which will be made roof.Manufacturers offer several coverage options.

  1. Metal, of course, beautiful and durable, but it is difficult to mount, and it is relatively expensive.
  2. Slate nearly enough is already being used, though not so long ago was covered with a roof only to them.It is quite fragile and not pleasing appearance.
  3. Euroslate ondulin or manufactured on the basis of cellulose.The disadvantage is that it is short-lived.
  4. Shingles, consisting of a glass fiber material coated with bitumen.The downside is its flammability.
  5. Decking has strength, durability, absolutely does not burn and does not require special skills for installation.Modern design and wide range of colors.
How to choose a profiled roof

How to choose for the roof decking

roof of corrugated board will be the optimal ratio "price - quality".Profiled sheet used in construction of industrial, warehouse, retail facilities, private dwellings.Many people are interested in the

question of how to select it.You must take it seriously, as your choice directly affects the quality of home coverage, preserving heat and dryness.

Features corrugated

on trapezoidal sheet strength affect the following features: the sheet thickness and the height of the corrugations.As a guest at the Bent steel sheet profiles with trapezoidal corrugated sheet thickness can be from 0.1 to 0.6 mm and the height ranges from 10 to 114 mm (20-60 mm is recommended for roofing).The larger the value, the more, respectively, and the sheet is stronger.The strength characteristics also determine the number of ribs.Any type of profile sheet marked with letters and numbers.The letters indicate the destination area, and the numbers height profile.For example, the profile sheet roof is designated as "H", for roof and wall - "NA".

If the profile is painted, it is marked by the letters A and B. When the steel sheet has a capillary groove, preventing ingress of water under the roof in the joints of sheets on the sides of the profile of staining, the letter R

Table profiled sheet sizes

Sizes profiled sheet

longitudinal profiles, besides trapezoidal, may also be rectangular or wave.

Profiled sheets by type of coating

great importance is the type of coverage.Distributed two types: galvanized and with protective and decorative polymer coating.

  • Galvanized provnastil -I galvanized profiled sheet has an undoubted advantage - its price, so it is mainly used in the construction of industrial buildings.In such a compound aluzinc steel sheet, which combines the corrosion resistance of zinc and aluminum.Decking has a silver surface and is long enough.
  • Profiled with protective - decorative cover for extra protection of the profile sheet on galvanized sheet is applied to the polymer coating.Distributed such coatings, like polyester, plastisol, polyurethane (pural).They differ in that they have different thickness and different resistance to unfavorable factors.
Decking with protective decorative coating

sheeting with protective decorative coating

layers of materials

coating color can choose.In addition to standard colors, there are pages with the effect of "metallic" with a picture of burned ceramics or "under the tree", applied offset.Real life proflist Service coated - 50 years warranty - 10 to 15 years with no loss of brightness of color and texture quality.

The palette of colors for corrugated board

palette of colors for corrugated

How much does the roof decking

on the cost of roofing sheeting influenced by a number of factors:

  • corrugation height and thickness of the sheet,
  • length of the sheet,
  • colored or protective paint,
  • presence of the zinc coating,
  • quality polymer used for the coating,
  • grade material from which made itself sheet,
  • country - the manufacturer.

Given these figures, the price spread is rather large, about 135 to 450 rubles per 1 sq.m.

What to look for when buying

If you buy a poor-quality corrugated board, in the future will have to change the cracked surface.Therefore, when buying it is necessary to pay attention to the following:

1. Appearance.The surface must be free of irregularities and small cracks, smooth.In non-ferrous materials paint should not come unstuck.With a slight bending steel sheet should not break, and return to the previous form.And with a strong - hold the shape of the material.

2. Presence of the certificate of quality for the goods.You can also find consumer reviews of products.

3. Effective length sheets.It is desirable to be equal to the length of the slope, becausewith short trapezoidal sheet will have to increase the number of transverse joints, which reduces the waterproofing.Therefore, you need to know the length of your roof, plus add to it about 50 centimeters on each side for a place under the roof drain and errors during installation.

It should be noted that if you want to make a solid, sturdy and durable roof, then it is better to opt for the Bent galvanized roofing coated.In the case of construction of a temporary structure is better to use material from Aluzinc.

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