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August 12, 2017 18:06

Fixing to rafters mauerlat

Rafter roof, parts, fasteners.

important element of the roof construction is mauerlat.Support beams farm are not installed directly on the wall.Installation of roof beam is made on the basis of the reference timber - mauerlat.He is solid.Mauerlat laid exactly along the perimeter under the rafters.Used timber (with the cut off side), timber, boards.With the help of the roof weight evenly distributed on a rational design.To him it was joined rafters.

Sample location rafters on mauerlat

rafters on the location of the sample mauerlat

dominant purpose of the rafters (naslonnyh, suspension) - to transfer the load from the roof to the side supports - walls.Large support area for rafters ensure proper transmission of loads.Serious stress are permanent, temporary, emergency.By the time servicing equipment are working builders, snow, wind.Special (extraordinary) load - is the seismic action.Constant - weight of the roof structure.

All fittings for rafters, mauerlat chosen carefully - need quality, reliable parts.Washed down should be made

clear, fit tightly.It excludes the application of any backings, substrates.These elements over time, no doubt, can fail to deform.Fastening the rafters of the roof is carried out with the use of plates (of metal), special parts, brackets, nails, screws.Their sale abound.For the bolts, nuts, washers are required, the metal plate.They successfully prevent the "immersion" into the wood screws.For the lining instead of plates is quite descend segments of plywood.

Driving fixing rafters to mauerlat

scheme fixing rafters to mauerlat

How to attach rafters

Working torque fastening rafters is very important when installing roofs.Undoubtedly, the method of connection to the supporting beams mauerlat independent state ( "conduct") of the roof in different weather.For example, when the temperature drops, snow drifts, wind.The connection is done by two methods: a rigid, sliding.It is important to form the roof trusses installed model.Also see about Laying nets under mauerlat.

tree, without a doubt, is expanding from moisture.At high temperatures - is compressed.Consequently, the roof structure is not static (ie, mobile).Here Hard mounting method should be excluded.There is a danger of displacement, even tears.Improper installation can cause the appearance of the brace forces.Its effect on the wall is dangerous.Therefore, the correct binding rafters - a guarantee of security.

Another example fixing rafters

Another example of mounting

rigid attachment to the rafters maueratu

The main principle of this technology fastening rafters - exclusion of any effects on the combination of elements.Not allowed twists, turns, shifts.This is achieved by making the static bindings through corners, the reference beam.The connection can be done as well, making gashes in the rafters, brackets, driving in of nails.

In the first case, the beam will be based on mauerlat equipped podshivnoy support bar.The one- bar provides a rigid beam upiranie.Additionally, you can lock the beam laterally with metal corners.This eliminates the transverse displacements.

The figure shows an example of a rigid attachment of rafters

The figure shows an example of the hard fastening rafters

The second method is more popular.When driven side nails (for fastening), attached to a certain bias.Inside the cloth must be crossed.Then on top of vertically hammered another nail.As a result, it creates a rigid unit, fastening beam with mauerlat.

Fixing nails

Fastening with nails

Both options rafters still attached wire anchors to the wall.

sliding mount

This bond is often called a hinge.There are two degrees of freedom.Performs fasteners model, allowing unimpeded displacement of any element.With this structure, the moving part are rafters.This type of mounting support beams produced by different methods.

  • on rafters is done special gash.This part of the rafter laid on mauerlat.Place the clutch must be secured by two nails.Keep in mind: they are slaughtered at an angle.It is possible to fix the details of a nail hammered vertically.He hit a rafter, dug into mauerlat.Another frequently used metal plate provided with holes for the nails.Sometimes only binding element bracket.
  • Conclusion rafters to the wall.Then use the mounting plate (single coupling).
  • Connection is special fasteners (metal).This element is called "runners", it is widely used for the rafters.
Крепление стропил - методом "салазки"

Fastening the rafters - by "runners»

Each option presented fastening clasps securely to the rafters mauerlat.Even small shifts sostavlchyuschie roofing parts move relative to each other.It is known that the sliding pair in the construction of the roof is used more often.This technology is particularly useful when creating wooden structures, constructed of logs, timber.Over time, due to the shrinkage of the house, a little change of construction geometry.Therefore, the application of rigid wall connections can be destroyed.Therefore, in the construction of wooden structures appropriate to apply a sliding bond.Such compounds help to a log (cobbled) walls and roof gradually adjust to such changes proportions.

rules proper fastening
  1. Bond rafters with mauerlat - a difficult, important compounds.The durability of the roof, the safety of residents home, as is known, depends on the reliability of the clutch.Ensure a reliable connection easy.Error, ignorant action at the device of the roof rafters are fraught gathering, tilting roof with a possible fall.With this support beams fastened to mauerlat should be in compliance with specific rules:
  2. Use undoubtedly necessary quality fasteners.Here savings inadmissible because unsuitable, substandard hardware do not make for a sustainable, durable roofing.Washed down from the rafters must be performed very carefully, precisely to avoid the need to install any gaskets, bushings.These details will help, of course, to ensure a good connection.However, after a time, they can be deformed, they can fall.This would weaken the structure.
  3. Rafters expedient to fix it to the metal corners of the plate.They better stock up before the start of the device roof.Otherwise, you have to buy them during installation.However, you can use other types of fasteners.But it will be a temporary measure.It is important to bear in mind that for the installation of timber suitable option would be the use of nails, sure to use a specially manufactured rafter fasteners, screw (hairpin) Connection to create the same good-quality, durable construction.
  4. recommended when installing a wooden construction of the roof to resort to the sliding mount.This technology is good for connecting with the side beams, with mauerlat.Special elements - slides - will provide the opportunity for a smooth sliding rafters.Mobility structures is imperative.
  5. Connection rafters, too, should be very durable.Before attaching the trusses to prepare excavation mauerlat - "saddle".They can provide a tight, snug fit elements.To create a gash receive the same, use ready-made templates.If the ramps are made from different angles, these patterns should be made for each individual.Depth washed down must correspond to one-fourth the width of the rafter.It is possible to work, of course, without using a template.Then measure the required additional spending.It may also be required during installation adjustment.
  6. Installed rafter beams have such technology, to ensure the stability, strength of the roof in high winds.We must at the same time take care of the problem Expander efforts, which also has a strong impact.
  7. entire roofing system must first be constructed on the land.It is a necessary preparation.All measurements are carried out, makes the need for tie-in mauerlat, cuts to the rafters.At the end all be customized, on-site.After one by one part of the structure ready for the generated technology installed on the building.
Video - fixing rafters to mauerlat