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August 12, 2017 18:06

Battens under the profiled with their own hands

properly executed sheathing under the decking - a guarantee of durability and reliability of the roof

Battens under the decking

Crate under the decking

Recently, the majority of builders and developers as a roofing material selected profiled.This high-quality material that can protect from the effects of rain, bacteria and fungi and permanently preserve the building.

Installation sheeting is quite simple, but very important to be sure to comply with all building regulations and technology.When laying the sheeting will be the bedrock of correct installation of beams, rafters and sheathing system.

At the bottom of the roof lay a wooden or metal beams.They have about two feet protrude from the wall.The basis for the roof is storpilnaya system consisting of:

  • Resistant vertical;
  • inclined struts;
  • Feet sloping roof.
In the figure you can see the mounting scheme

The picture you can see the scheme of mounting battens

rafters set at a distance of 60 to 80 cm from each other, taking into account the total load of the building under a certain angle.Rafters are mad

e from dry softwood to prevent possible deformation of the structure.The angle of inclination of the rafters in areas with high snowfall is 35-45 degrees.In areas with more moderate weather conditions can make the angle of inclination of 20 degrees.

Particular attention should be paid to the installation of corrugated crate.It is a special construction made taking into account the parameters of the roof, which will serve as a framework for the corrugated board.As a lath used metal elements and wooden beams.Only properly mounted frame allows the roof to withstand higher wind and snow loads.

Types batten roof

For industrial buildings most often used metal frames or crate of the metallic elements.Roofs in industrial buildings, as a rule, does not have much inclination, but rather large spans, so the sheathing under the decking should be durable and reliable, to withstand heavy loads.

During the construction of private homes used wood sheathing made of board or timber treated with antiseptic.Most often used the board size 25-30h100 mm.Crate mounted only after the installation of waterproofing material.It absorbs moisture from the insulation and prevents the condensation that forms on the bottom surface of the roofing sheet due to atmospheric fluctuations.

crate can be:

  1. With a normal pace.To do this, between the boards or bars to maintain a distance of 20 to 40 cm. This type of sheathing is most often used for decking.
  2. solid sheathing.The gap between the boards is 10 mm in order to avoid damage due to shrinkage or swelling of the boards.Sometimes as continuous lath used sheet materials: OSB, plywood or particle board waterproof.This type of sheathing is most often applied to small sized materials such as shingles or roll bituminous coatings.
  3. sparse sheathing.In this case, the sheathing step is from 50 to 75 cm, and sometimes more.

batten type depends on two parameters: what brand of used corrugated board, and a tilt angle of the roof.For example, if the roof slope angle of 15 degrees, whereas for C10 corrugated board is necessary to carry out continuous crate, corrugated board for C21 - the usual crate with 300 mm, and for corrugated board from 44 - sparse crate increments from 500 to 1000mm.

Example crates

Example crates

to ensure maximum durability of the roof at high loads can be mounted bilayer crate.In the bottom row can be made sparse crate, and at the top - with a crate at a normal pace or solid.Bottom row runs parallel to the roof ridge, and the upper situated perpendicular to it.The two-layer sheathing is also set when laying a thick layer of insulation up to 100 mm.In this case, across the rafters are attached in series two bars 50x50 mm.

Normal sheathing is made of wooden beams size 50h50mm, 60h60mm or 75h75mm.It is possible to perform conventional crate of the width of the board is not more than 150 mm, and a thickness of 20 to 50 mm.It is important that the board width does not exceed 15 cm, otherwise the wood tends to increased strain on the effect of various temperatures and humidity.

as sheathing fastening nails or screws are used.However, their length should be equal to twice the thickness of the lath.For example, if the timber 50h50mm used, should be taken fasteners 100 mm.Crate fastened to each rafter roof.Bruce and the board should not have any defects and protruding knots.

Install furring under the decking

First you need to mark the location of the bars or boards lathing on the outer rafters.Then, around the slope Gaugeable fixing points if timber board.If the on-site bar or mounting board found an indentation or bulge, its clean stёsyvaniem or tamping rods or roofing material required thickness.

Laying begin from the ridge lath.The distance between the boards or bars of the lath under decking should not be less than 20 cm and not more than 40 cm. The wooden crate often have to splice in length because the standard length of lumber is usually less than the length of the ramp.To this end, the edge of matched pieces are fastened with nails first and then installed on the roof so that the joint beam fell on the rafters.In various horizontal rows should be offset from the joints.For this board are cut to a certain length.

At the ends of the roof mounted wind board.Their height should be more crates at an amount equal to the height of the profile sheeting.

The scheme of packing material

scheme of packing material

sheeting is attached to the crate with screws with a zinc coating.As the pads used rubber washer between them.For every square meter of the coating must be at least 5 pieces of screws.Between the sheets are connected by rivets.

order to roof served for a long time, it is necessary to determine in advance its purpose, carefully carry out all the necessary calculations and to choose the right roofing material.When using corrugated board must be remembered that the greater the height of the profile, the greater the load it can withstand.During the construction of private houses used profiled 35 mm and a thickness of 0.6-0.7 mm.Decking with less profile height is set with a smaller step lath in order to provide the required rigidity and strength of the roof.If the sheathing is installed correctly, the weight of the roof evenly distributed, it is durable and will withstand all the vagaries of weather.

If you pass through the roof chimneys or different parapets, then set them under a separate sheathing.For the chimney, it must be located at a distance of not less than 15 cm.

recommended that the crate in dry weather before laying roofing material as the wet planks or boards can be deformed from an excess of moisture.

Video -krysha of corrugated board with his hands