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August 12, 2017 18:06

Laying laminate on wooden floor with their hands

When repairing flats often a situation arises where the old wooden floors should be covered with new flooring, such as laminate.Experts from organizations involved in the repair, in this case, the claim that before to lay a laminate, you must completely dismantle the old coating and perform a new concrete floor, leveled floors.However, work on dismantling the device and ties are often much more expensive than a new coat, so the question arises: how to lay laminate wood floor, without removing it?

Laying laminate on wooden floor with their hands

Laying laminate on

wooden floor with their hands try to understand the requirements for the surface for laying laminate.The surface must be flat, level difference should not exceed 2 mm per 1 meter of floor length in any direction.Gender should not sag.If these requirements are not met, there is a risk to break the laminate with a load lock, so that the floor integrity is violated, there will be gaps.It is also a basis for laying the laminate must be sound, dry and free of debris.Based on these requireme

nts, it is necessary to inspect the timber floor and, if necessary, its preparation.

Checking and leveling floor

Please carefully inspect the flooring.Old wooden floors, multiple colored paint, often have a convex surface of the board - this is due to multiple layers of paint in the center of the board and the partial destruction of its edges.They also may be slits of various widths.If the board is relatively new, decking, close-fitting, floor surface is generally smooth, without extremes.

Check whether the floorboards, there are no creaks when walking do not bend, should also make sure that the mounting location of the board to the joists are tight and do not lag failed and proseli.Krome irregularities, the floor can be a significant bias toward the corners, orcenter of the room, he is tested by a laser or bubble level.This deficiency also need to be corrected before laying laminate.

old board with a lot of differences can be leveled in two ways:

  • planed it, use electric plane or a machine for leveling flooring;
  • upholster veneer, plywood thickness of 8 mm.

If the floor has a significant slope, it will be necessary to align it with the other guides and plywood sheathing.

  1. If the floorboards bend, you need to check the status of a log.To do this, determine the place of passage of logs, which is observed in the field of the deflection, and cut out of the board.You can do this jigsaw, and his painting is better positioned at an angle so that the cut portion formed narrowing towards the bottom.Cut out this way part of the board is not difficult to put back without additional fastening.After examining the resulting hole logs, and in the case of subsidence slaughtered under them wooden wedge to full alignment.
  2. floor redoubt makes sense only if the board firmly secured and have no significant deviation in any direction.Before leveling floor electroplane necessary to eliminate squeaks, securing the board to the joists by using long screws.Screws can be screwed in the holes of the previously laid out nails, and next to them.Caps screws and nails need to sink to a depth of about 2 mm.Lined carefully sweep the floor, impregnated with preservative for interior or linseed oil and dried.After that, the laminate floor can be laid.stacking direction at the same time should be chosen so that the joints are perpendicular to the laminate floor boards - this will reduce the possible deflection.

    The process of leveling the floor electroplane

    floor leveling technology electroplane

  3. If boards have numerous small differences, but at the same floor obschiyuklon satisfactory, sex sheathe plywood 12 mm, fixing it directly to the board.To eliminate creaking, fasten plywood long screws through the board to the joists - thus all floor layers are qualitatively tightened.

    The process of the floor sheathing plywood

    floor sheathing plywood technology

  4. small humps, dips and bumps can be corrected by means of shims of pieces of plywood or a plank, laid under the plywood sheets.If irregularities are significant and may reach 5 cm, will align with the floor of the bar by the guide.It is necessary to determine in advance the required number of different bar thickness to make it easier to fit the height.Pre-cuts out plywood, putting it on the old wooden floor.Joints of sheets of plywood on the floor draws the marker - this will facilitate the laying bar.The bar is attached to the floor with screws with minimum increments of 50-60 cm, while certainly put the support bars in places of joining sheets of plywood.For additional noise and heat insulation space between the wood floor and plywood can be filled with insulation, such as mineral wool.Plywood fastened to the screws with a conical hat, buried them flush with the surface.The gap between the plywood and the walls should be 3-5 mm.Keep in mind that this method will result in the alignment of the floor rise relative to the rest of its floor level of the apartment, and may require replacement of doors.
    Sample floor leveling using bars

    floor leveling sample using bars

    Video - how to lay laminate wood floor

laminate Laying

  1. sheathed with plywood or leveled floor is ready for laying laminate.Under the laminate substrate is required of polyethylene foam.The substrate is needed in order to avoid knocking on laminate substrate.The thickness of the substrate is from 1 to 3 mm, but in operation it cake has properties, so much sense to have the purchase thick substrate.The substrate is placed on the floor butt joints are glued construction adhesive tape to fix it on the floor.Additionally, you can secure the backing tape on the edges.

    The process of stacking the laminate onto a substrate of polyethylene foam

    laminate stacking technology on a substrate made of polyethylene foam

  2. before laying laminate should be kept in the room for 2 days, so that it has acquired the temperature and humidity of the room.Prior to laying need to decide on the method of installation: parallel light, light perpendicular or diagonally.Diagonal installation requires more careful adjustment, and it is recommended for narrow spaces, to visually expand it.Typically, the laminate is placed perpendicular to the window - so less visible joints.

    Before laying laminate endure 48 hours of home

    endure before laying laminate flooring at home 48 hours

  3. Once selected stacking direction, you need to measure the distance between the walls, and calculate the amount of laminate boards, as well as the width of the last board.If the width of the last board is obtained less than 1/3, it is advisable to start laying the first row of boards, sawn in half.Cut pieces of laminate are useful for last series.
  4. Laminate is of three types: a type of locks «Click», «Lock», as well as adhesive laminate.Mount Castle «Click» takes place during the installation of the board at an angle of 45 ° to the previous and latch lock.This system is collapsible.Castle «Lock» secured with a light tapping on the opposite end of the board until it clicks, and the laminate spike is inserted into the slot.Rattles laminate necessary through the bar to avoid damaging the groove.The adhesive laminate is often used in wet areas, use a special glue to secure it.

    The process of joining the right laminate

    technology properly engages the laminate

  5. Laying laminate with lock «Click» produce the rows.Please fasten the ends of the first row of planks line the number of the place and propped laminate between the walls with thin strips.This is necessary to create a gap regulating the thermal expansion of the coating.Collect the same way the second row and placing it at an angle to the first, give birth to it in the lock, then lowered, and the lock snaps.So keep stacking up the room.

    The process of laying laminate with lock «Click»

    laminate stacking technology with lock «Click»

  6. Laminate with «Lock» Lock vrazbezhku put - this will help to seal the planks into a single surface.For this measure the length of the board, the length of the room are calculated number of boards in the same row.If the result of the last board is about half, then it is used at the beginning of the next row.If the length of the room number of boards laid flat without residue, in each second row, one board is cut in half, with half of the starting board stacking.Between the wall and the coating also leave a gap of 3-5 mm, placing a wedge to get out of the rack.

    The process of laying laminate flooring with Lock Lock

    laminate stacking technology with lock Lock

  7. adhesive laminate is placed on the same technology, but the abutment tongue and groove coat with glue, and after laying battened temporarily shut.After placing wedges and install baseboards removed.

    Technology laying adhesive laminate

    Technology laying laminate adhesive