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August 12, 2017 18:06

Instructions for the construction of an adjustable floor : laying and installation

Adjustable floor Adjustable floor with his hands with his own hands

Adjustable floor with their hands

construction industry or the day goes on.Every year in this area there are new inventions and innovations that allow for a fresh look at seemingly well-established repair techniques.So, along with the traditional ways leveling floors with different kinds of ties appeared and a new way to create a flat floor under a variety of finishes - Adjustable floor.

Light advantages

Using adjustable floor designs you can achieve a level surface in virtually any type of premises of any configuration.It is worth noting that the adjustable floor system is sufficiently lightweight design that can be applied without impacting the ceiling.Especially important this problem is for the lungs of individual buildings or housing built on frame technology.

What is an adjustable floor

essence adjustable floor system can be described as a solid surface, the position of which can be adjusted using special mechanical devices.They can raise or lower portions of the floor, maintaining i

ts perfect horizontality.

Adjustable floor structure inside

adjustable floor structure inside

Using this innovative approach to the design of the sexes can perform the installation of the horizontal surface is almost a couple of days.

of controlled floors reserves technological space between the base and the surface, which can be used for pulling communications, or fill insulation material.

of controlled floors allows the flexibility to add a layer height, adjusting it from 3 to 20 centimeters, while within the same room can be arranged with different areas of the surface height, having a visual delineation of the room.

adjustable floor structure is rigidly fixed to the base, ensuring its reliability.On

lined adjustable flooring can be directly laid floor finish, and you can not use an intermediate substrate.This approach saves the cost of the entire structure as a whole.

additional heating material, disposed between the supporting bar adjustable floor.

Expected work adjustable floors reserves of about fifty years, which is sufficient for most types of buildings.In addition, ventilated plane between the base and the working surface increases the service life of the overlap and can serve as an additional element of protection from unexpected floods.

qualitatively installed adjustable floor absolutely does not creak under everyday use.During the service a long time they stably retain their horizontal position.

height adjustable floor can be installed in a wide range.

important advantage is the adjustable floor and low cost, which is only one third of the price of conventionally used screed of cement and sand.The difference in cost between domestic and foreign structures in fact is not very large.

Species regulated floors

There are two main types of adjustable floor systems, which differ from each other in design and features of their application.

  1. first type of system is a durable chipboard, which are based on the adjusting device made of highly durable polymeric material.Such floors are usually installed in new houses and field lifting height when using such a construction is not more than 5 centimeters.Such minimum technological space, yet allows you to run a variety of communications under the floor or a thin layer of thermal insulation.

    Adjustable floor, lined solid plywood.

    adjustable floor, lined solid plywood.

  2. second type of adjustable floors are designs which are laid parallel to the joists.Adjustable floor itself is a multi-layered cake and it is a strong feature of fixing the floor structure to overlap and careful adjustment of horizontal surfaces.This method is suitable for leveling floors in the old structures, as well as everything for rooms with high ceilings, the regeneration of which require laying of utilities under the floor surface.
    Adjustable floor created with lag

    adjustable floor created using lag

    The second approach is the advantage of a strong fixation structure from the floor overlap.

assembly algorithm adjustable plywood floor

When using this type of floor adjusting bolts, anchors are installed directly into the prepared holes.As the cover plates can be used GWP sheet, plate DSP or plywood sheets.

  1. first drilled in the sheet covering the hole in which the back of the set sleeve with an internal thread.Calculation of distances between the holes is determined on the basis of the planned load.
  2. The installed bushing screwed into the supporting bolts, which are made from high-strength plastics.
  3. Be the assembled structure on the basis of the overlap and attach to the bottom of the adjustment bolts.
  4. Then, using a builder's level draw a horizontal alignment of the adjustable floor plane.
  5. In the event that part of the floor remains stuck above ground - cut the protruding parts.
  6. Closely aligned to the next layer of the flooring is laid.Make sure that the joints of the first layer boards did not coincide with the joints of the next layer, using the same principle that is used in the formation of the brickwork.
The main lower plywood sheet adjustable floor

main lower plywood sheet adjustable floor

After laying the adjustment layer, you can proceed to the placement of the finish flooring of any type.

adjustable floor joists

ready kits, manufactured by different companies may apply when using this type of adjustable bands.This ready-made kits adjustable floor systems can be used on any type of foundation and floors constructed with varying levels of height.

Video - adjustable floors on logs

As well as floors with a base in the form of bolts, adjustable floor joists are also equipped with rotating screws regulating floor height throughout its area.

algorithm constructing such floors the following:

  1. adjusting screws are installed in the sleeve mounted in the logs through the gap defined in the project.
  2. then placed on the ceiling joists.
  3. By overlapping the joists are attached self-tapping screws or dowels, nails.
  4. Next, the alignment of the log using a laser level.
  5. Parts adjustment bolts protruding over the surfaces are cut lag.
  6. Then lags laid subfloor, which is located after the finish flooring.
So look joists mounted on adjustable supports

So look joists mounted on adjustable supports