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August 12, 2017 18:06

We are making the wooden floor joists on : options for the construction of the floor

Many homeowners choose a wooden floor on the basis of its environmental attractiveness.Man lives for thousands of years in harmony with the tree, and during this time there was even a kind of symbiosis between the two.

wooden floor device in most cases requires a log - special wooden boards to be placed on the ground floor.Then logs stacked floor finish.Modern materials and technologies just added the popularity of this method, the arrangement of the floor in the home.

wooden floor device on logs

wooden floor device on logs

So, construction of wooden floor involves two basic options: use of concrete ties, the so-called "wet" technology and "dry" design, where a hardwood floor installed on joists and floor screed comes withusing dry plates.Several stands out design adjustable floor system.

advantage of the "dry" construction field system is its relative simplicity and high speed of its installation.

installation of dry floor joists on

on the basis - that is, the overlapping set wooden joists - beams.The distance between

them is determined based on the characteristics of the coating, which you plan to place on logs.So, if you want to use plywood, it is necessary to reduce the spacing between the joists, but when using strong wooden boards as the boards - the distance between the beams can be increased.After the overlap device of plywood or boards can be laid on top of the topcoat.

wooden floor on joists on

  1. dirt surface to calculate the required distance between the beams and the distance between the supports under the joists.The stronger and thicker lumber used - the greater may be the distance between the supports.So when using a 40-milimmetrovogo beam distance between joists should be 90 centimeters, and here at 60 milimmetrovom tool bar distance can reach 130 centimeters.
  2. design basis are small foundation pillars.They dug into the ground, and between the ground and the concrete is laid waterproofing of roofing material and lining of impregnated wood.

    Foundation bars for sex

    Foundation bars for sex

  3. poster erected on the foundation of brick columns.The total height of the subfloor usually reaches 20 centimeters.
  4. between the posts placed insulation, for which the fine expanded clay can be used.
  5. top of a heater placed antiseptic impregnation.It is also possible to cover the lower side boards and the subfloor.

wooden floor device on a reinforced concrete slab

wooden floor on concrete device

device wooden floor on concrete

  1. As the base under the joists on the concrete used pieces of fiberboard, impregnated with antiseptic sotavom.
  2. distance between joists should be about 60 centimeters.If you plan on finishing layer of ceramic tile, it should be placed in the logs 30 centimeters from each other.
  3. Attach the logs to overlap with screws screws with dowels.When fixing the lag check their position relative to the horizon by a building level.

design wooden floor on joists

wooden floor joists on the device

wooden floor device on the beams overlap

Despite the fact that the overlap in the form of wooden beams resembles logs, use them as a basis for the sub-floor is possible only in the event thatif the distance between them does not exceed 30 centimeters.Otherwise you will have to be installed on joists actual logs, aligning them on the horizon, and only then mounted on the draft floor joists.

adjustable floor system

Align overlap on the horizon it is possible not only by the traditional ties, but also with an adjustable floor system.Adjustable floor can be installed on joists or directly on the floor by means of adjusting screws.controlled floor heating system is usually installed in areas where it is critical to the overall weight of the ceiling, for example, in the light of country buildings.In addition, the adjustable floor system can create spectacular big swings surface level, eg for visual separation of space.

Wooden floor joists with adjustable

Unlike the traditional method here wooden joists are not mounted directly on the ceiling, and installed on adjustable screw supports.Using a special key, bolt-rack are turned in their sleeves, raising or lowering of the floor.The rest of the algorithm design of the floor is identical to the traditional

Wooden floor joists with adjustable

wooden floor on adjustable joists

wooden floor made of plywood on adjustable racks

Adjustable wooden floor of thick plywood is not established on the joists, and a plurality of adjusting struts, bolts, turning toyou can quickly achieve a perfectly flat surface.

Installation of the floor made ​​of plywood on the bolt - rack

Installing the floor of plywood on the bolt-rack

turns a kind of floor on a set of legs.The coating is usually used in the form of plywood 120milimmetrovaya square sheet with a side of 1.5 meters.It is mounted with two layers, so that the joints of the sheets were not on top of each other.Layer fastened with screws, then mounted floor finish.

construction algorithm concrete floor on joists in areas with high load

In some cases it is necessary to create a wooden floor on joists in areas with heavy loads, such as in garages.In principle, the procedure is identical to the construction of the floor installation on an earth or concrete base, the difference lies in the fact that not the brick columns and the concrete base is used as the base log.

Wooden flooring on joists in the garage

wooden floor on joists in the garage

  1. Dry thoroughly and cover the logs with an antiseptic solution.
  2. Place on a concrete base under lags waterproofing layer.
  3. Mount lags beacons, the distance between them should be 2 meters.Every 50 centimeters fix them to the surface plugs, controlling the horizontal surface with a spirit level.
  4. lags between beacons with steps of 40 centimeters place the intermediate bars-lag.
  5. Insulate the gaps formed with the help of expanded clay or mineral wool.
  6. Mount on joists floor boards, using self-tapping screws.Flooring should be directed perpendicular to the joists and lag laid without gaps.

Video - wooden floor on joists

Small tweaks wooden floor on joists device

  1. For better aesthetic perception of wooden floor on joists Lay the foundation beams perpendicular to the light flux from the window.
  2. in places of constant movement of people lags must cross the trajectory of motion, and floorboards should be directed along the flow direction.
  3. When the device floor in an apartment building, place a shim lags soundproof.
  4. Leave lags between the walls and the gap width of up to 3 centimeters.
  5. When used as a ceramic topcoat plan distance between joists no more than 30 centimeters, as set subfloor moisture-resistant plywood, and then the sheet GOLS.
  6. To increase the rigidity of the mounting sub-floor, you can use wooden log structure in the form of a grid in increments of 1 meter.This design is usually necessary if you plan as a topcoat laminate board.
  7. If you plan to use the parquet, it is recommended that you use the adjustable lugs, which provide a perfect horizontal level and the required ventilation.