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August 12, 2017 18:06

How to align the wood floor with plywood using their own hands

wooden floors that are not stacked directly on the screed and lags to have some features that are sometimes critical.So, the wooden floors on joists device is necessary if you want to stay within the space formed in electrical engineering or communications.Sometimes a space between the wooden floor and the ground is necessary to create ventilation, prevents moisture and therefore mold.So, on the wooden floor joists are widely used in bath rooms, helping to remove excess moisture and preventing the destruction of the tree.

Aligning the wooden floor using plywood

Alignment wooden floor using plywood

But the wooden floor joists on the device requires a certain skill and in some cases a floor is necessary to align.In addition, the alignment of the wood floor with plywood can be necessary and in making repairs to old buildings when, for whatever reason you do not want to completely remove the old floor.Wooden floors laid on joists on a base very often found in so-called "Khrushchev".Over time, such a floor, due to natural processes in the w

ood begins to lose weight flat surface, to dry and crack.However, before installing finish flooring, whether linoleum, carpet or laminate floor board so you want to align.

particularly critical of the uneven field linoleum.The smallest height difference in the active operating area of ‚Äč‚Äčlinoleum will lead to that he starts damaged and lose their aesthetic appeal.Meanwhile - a beautiful finish flooring - this is one of the key elements of the interior, that gives your home appeal and originality.So, before laying the finishing flooring on a wooden floor it is based must be carefully aligned.Finishing flooring are not themselves supporting structure and on what will be the condition of the substrate beneath them - their life depends directly.

Why use plywood for floor leveling?

One of the most popular and cheapest ways to align the wooden field is the use of plywood laid over the boards.Using this method, you will be able to create a flat surface on which it will be possible to lay a solid and flexible flooring without problems.For work on leveling the wood floor must be used fairly thick plywood sheets with a thickness not less than 1.2 centimeters.

However, if the elevation changes on your wooden floor is small, it is possible to manage and centimeter plywood.Inexpensive plywood not only give your floor finish an attractive aesthetic appearance, but also prevent it from premature wear, saving money for re-repair.

Getting Started

In order to start the operation to equalize the wooden floor with plywood you need to stock up on the necessary materials and tools.Leveling the floor is made using screws, spirit level, electric screwdriver, special wood glue PVA and actually sheets of plywood.

Plywood for floor leveling

Plywood for floor leveling

technology of work on leveling the floor with plywood.

In order to align the wood floor with plywood, you must first determine the desired horizontal level at which you want to display stacked sheets.For this purpose, the entire floor surface must exhibit beacons, which are ordinary self-tapping screws, screw-in base - wooden floor to a certain level.The distance between the beacons -samorezami should not exceed 30 centimeters.

Identify the required level of screwing lighthouses best with a laser level.First, is marked on the walls of the desired level, it can be done using a conventional pencil.Then the floor, preferably in places where the joists are laid screwed basic beacons, between which the thread is tensioned.The remaining beacons screwed, focusing on the thread, which represents the requested level.

Set beacons for floor leveling

Set beacons for floor leveling

In the next step, after placing beacons using a screwdriver and building level necessary to begin the installation log, which will subsequently be laid plywood sheets.As the lag can be used plywood strips with a width of up to five centimeters.As a means of plywood strips of fasteners can be used carpenter's glue PVA.At the edges of the joists can be attached to a wooden base using self-tapping screws.In places where a large height difference fixed wooden base under a log, do not have enough strength, you can put a piece of plywood to prevent subsidence.To prevent mixing of planted pieces of their surface and lubricate the joiner's glue.

In the third phase, after drying wood glue on the logs stacked prepared by plywood sheets.Standard plywood sheet has the form of a square with sides of 1.25 meters.However, for more precise positioning of the sheets can be sawn into smaller segments with a width of 0.6 meters.During the segmentation not forget to check out the ends of the sawn-off areas.Some lists may be in the thick bundles, which can not be detected by external examination.Such lists should be replaced by quality.

The process of installation of plywood to wood joists

installation process plywood to wood joists

In the fourth step, inspect carefully laid sheets.Upon detection of irregularities found smooth out bumps using skins.After aligning carry out a thorough cleaning of the surface and remove all dust from the base between the joists.

the fifth stage sawn plywood squares stacked on prepared and processed logs.In drawing up the sheets of plywood, make sure that they combine with each other on the principles similar to laying bricks - the joints between the different series do not have a match.Relatively speaking - at the joints should not form "intersections".Prepare the plywood sheets for their final consolidation - cut areas in those places, where the utilities, such as heating pipes, and has a complex configuration of the walls.

We put sheets of plywood on the joists

Puts sheets of plywood on the joists

In the sixth stage, attach the cut sheets of plywood to the joists.To do this it is best to use self-tapping screws with countersunk head.To prevent the protrusion gotovok self-tapping screws - where they are screwing you must first prozenkovat - making drill in the deepening of plywood the size of the head of the screw.

plywood fastened to the joists

plywood fastened to the joists

Useful tips for leveling the floor with plywood

When using thick plywood sheets, you can increase the distance between the screws beacons.

additional floor height, while the alignment of its plywood sheets will increase to a maximum of three centimeters.If you plan to use as a topcoat linoleum - advise you to treat the joints of sheets sander.
Using a grinder on wood

use sander on wood

When used as a topcoat laminate boards do not forget to place a laminate substrate.

before placing the finishing coat - carpet - paint the plywood floor with two or three layers of durable lag.

So, using this algorithm, you can get instead of rough, dried-out old floor planks new, perfectly flat surface, which will be fully ready to accommodate any finishing coat, give your home a unique design, but in the end we recommend to watch a video about how toalign the wood floor with plywood.

Video - leveling floor with plywood on the joists