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August 12, 2017 18:06

Radiant floor : Calculation of pipe length and installation of the floor in the apartment

Many modern apartments have heating system, different from the traditional.Most popular now become warm floors, by the way recently, we have already mentioned, how to warm the floor from heating.They may have different structures and are highly respected warm floor with the coolant in the form of water.Underfloor heating in your home creates a truly welcoming atmosphere.Its use not only make an apartment or private house comfortable, and can significantly save on heating bills, since warm water floor can only be used in necessary situations and important sites.

We do radiant floor heating in the apartment

Making radiant floor heating in the apartment

When creating a water floor heating energy flow is from the bottom up, the natural trajectory of uniformly heating the entire volume of the room, creating a comfortable environment at the bottom of the room, which is exactly inan area where there is a major life activity.Near the floor temperature rises a few degrees compared to the ceiling area that has beneficial effects on the human body.

In addition, heated floors are beneficial to the safety of the finish flooring, increasing their lifespan.

Organization of warm water floor in your home will allow you to give up the central heating radiators and give the opportunity to apply non-standard design decisions, such as to install large panoramic windows.

The water electric floor better?

Electric floor heating system may initially seem more economical than using a water coolant.However, in continuous operation, the warm floor water used as a coolant look more preferably from an economic standpoint.In the long run on water heating costs appear to be more favorable than electric heating.An important factor influencing the choice of liquid-floor heating, is the fact that the electric heating may cause adverse electromagnetic fields.

Please note !.It must be remembered that the system of floor heating with a liquid carrier to be connected to the main pipe is water heating.It may not be integrated in the hot water system.

First of all, this approach is not allowed at the legislative level (except for the construction of new buildings, where warm heated floors are included in the project).Also powered by hot water floor heating causes a significant cooling of coolant, ie water, which is unlikely to please your neighbors.

general device of warm water floor apartment in

So, underfloor heating system with coolant-water looks like water pipes in the first approximation, laid between the base screed and the final floor covering.As the coolant can be used in a conventional hot water heating or special liquid (ethylene glycols or antifreeze), heated in the system.

main elements of heated floors with liquid coolant are pipes, thermal insulation, fasteners components, control system and reinforcing devices that regulate the flow of coolant.

Video - radiant floor heating in the apartment, pipe laying

Calculation of water underfloor heating

To calculate materials needed for the organization of the warm water floor, first and foremost, you must answer the question: in what capacity will be constructedthis system?There are two main options for the use of warm water sexes: as the main type of heating, excluding other types, and as a further intended to create a local comfortable environment.

Furthermore, for the calculation of required materials necessary to assess the following factors: the area of ​​heated space, its characteristics (eg, wall material and design of the windows, supported by the temperature), the type of finish flooring.For example, the organization of outdoor topcoat of solid planks requires a higher degree of heat, since the tree has an excellent thermal insulation properties.

Features heated space significantly affect the required power of the water floor heating.For example, if the room is literally "through the cracks" and heat losses exceed 100 watts per square meter - it is advisable to first do warming the room, and then later to organize the construction of warm floors.Even the presence of glass does not guarantee the sealing of the premises.In case of bad thermal insulation of the walls of your room will lose up to 80 watts per square meter.You literally will heat the street and "throw money into the pipe."

used pipe

Furthermore, for calculations in the construction of a system of underfloor heating with a liquid coolant should take into account the characteristics of tubes used for coolant circulation.Currently, the following types of pipes used in water system floors:

  • -Penopropilenovye.This material is characterized by low cost and a low heat conductivity.
  • -Metalloplastikovye.At the moment, they exhibit an ideal balance between price and quality.
  • -Sshitye polyethylene or PEX-pipes.Not a bad choice.
  • -Copper.The ideal heat transfer, but the high cost.
  • -Nerzhaveyka-ribbed.Fresh on the market trend of warm liquid floors, are characterized by excellent heat dissipation.

After selecting the type of pipes for heated floor arrangement is necessary to determine the length of the communication.The required length of pipe harvested depends on the method of installation.

methods of laying pipes

Before you begin laying pipe read the article - Radiant floor without ties.

There are two main ways to mount the pipe heated floor with the coolant-water, conventionally called "snake" and "snail rkushka".

Pipe laying method - snake and snail

Interestingly, the method of layout pipes warm water floor has a geo-referenced "snake" of the pipe is laid mainly in Western Europe, but the "snail" mainly in Eastern Europe.

Stacking "snake" has one significant drawback: when using the floor temperature in different parts of the room may differ materially.Thus, in the place where the inlet pipe portion of the coolant temperature of the system (and therefore the temperature of the flooring) will be slightly higher than the output portion of the pipeline.In addition to the uncomfortable relationship, this approach may lead to the partial destruction of the environment in which pipes are heated floor by the temperature difference.

Schemes laying pipes for water floor heating

Schemes laying pipes for water floor heating

To prevent the drop of the temperature levels in the system introduced a special limitation on the difference of heat carrier temperature in different parts of the room, and the system itself stacking "snake" is best used in rooms with high thermal insulation.

more complicated, but also more effective system for laying pipes in the design and creation of warm water floor is laying "snail".In this case, the heat brought working fluid is evenly distributed throughout the room surface.Pipes partially hot and relatively cold coolant in such a system are alternating.The disadvantage of this approach is the increased complexity of the design and installation of the system.

Driving pipe laying water floor heating in the bathroom

Driving pipe laying water floor heating in the bathroom

When laying the "snail", "hot" and "cold" tube run parallel to each other from entering the coolant to the center of the room, and then returned to the site of the withdrawal.

pipe length calculation

very important characteristic used in the calculation of floor heating with heat transfer fluid is a pitch pipe, that is, the distance between the tubes, left at their installation.From the gaps between the turns of the pipes with the coolant piping length depends on the take and uniform distribution of heat brought in.By increasing the size of the gaps between the tubes it is recommended to increase and the temperature of the coolant.In addition, a heat conductor step may vary and depending on the area facilities - somewhere you want to make the surface temperature of more and somewhere less.

Radiant floor heating in the apartment with his hands

radiant floor heating in the apartment with his hands

Approximately can estimate that to achieve thermal impact value of 50 watts per square meter of pipe step with the coolant may be 30 centimeters.When the heat up to 80 watts distance between the pipes should be reduced to 20 centimeters, but in areas which are critical for very uniform distribution pipes step temperature should not exceed 15 centimeters.

Zoom step pipes near exterior walls is recommended, but along the internal partitions can be increased

Here is a sample calculation: in the space of 30 square meters is required to ensure the heating of about 25-26 square meters floor.In step with the coolant tubes 15 centimeters in the take pipe length will be about 160 meters.

However, the easiest way to calculate the length of the pipe needs everything for water floor heating is possible by creating a simple drawing on graph paper, or in a specialized program.