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August 12, 2017 18:06

Hexagonal pavilion with his hands - Building technology

Leaving on vacation, on your country site, I want to enjoy your garden for some fresh rest, relax, relax with friends or just spend time with his family.Where to do it, if not in the gazebo, especially made with his own hands in the presence of free time and good material.It is best to place the gazebo next to the trees to rest not in the sun and in the shade.The ideal option would be to set it next to the pond.Original and beautiful in any garden site will look hexagonal gazebo.

Building a hexagonal gazebo with their hands

Building hexagonal gazebo with their hands

Pros hexagonal pavilions:

  • compact,
  • despite the elegance, can accommodate a lot of people or furniture due to its shape,
  • through decorating the sides of, nice look,
  • they are resistant and durable due to its construction.
  • they are resistant and durable due to its construction.

tools that you need to build a hexagonal gazebo

  • chainsaw or handsaw,
  • circular saw, electric planer
  • ,
  • electric jigsaw,
  • drill, screwdriver, hammer
  • levels plummet.

Building a gazebo with your hands - stages of construction

material for manufacturing wooden gazebo can serve as spruce or pine, as they are of particular strength and fairly inexpensive.

1. Once you have decided on the dimensions of the future pavilions, using a circular machine file off the boards and the boards of the desired size and pare their electric plane.

2. Now you need to make a site layout for our gazebo.To get a correct hexagon with two wooden pegs and a piece of string, draw a circle of the desired diameter.From any point of the circle, at a distance equal to the radius, apply a notch.

3. The lines intersect dig pits for the foundation depth of 50 cm. Alternatively, you can fill with sand pit, tamping and spraying.Under the base of the gazebo, you can use concrete blocks.

We put concrete blocks under the base of the gazebo

lay concrete blocks under the base of the gazebo

To give structural strength in the drive in place of the angles gazebo six pieces of rebar length of 1 - 1.5 m. The concrete blocks, drill holes and attach them to the valve.

4. Drill each hole on the wooden beams on each side and put them on the valve at each other the well.Mark the intersection of the beams, cut them.for better grip can make the cuts for "the floor beam" connection.Then assemble the boards and secure with nails.For waterproofing between the blocks and bars put, for example, a piece of tar paper.

Making the base

Making the base

5. Place floor Cover the foil, pour the sand and place logs, securing them with screws for wood.Laghi previously be treated protective structure that will prevent the wood from being destroyed by moisture.For flooring, you can use any material, for example, planed boards, waterproof plywood, chipboard or OSB panels

going frame

going frame

6. Now you need to put vertical bars.By making holes in them for reinforcement, implant posts on it.Level of vertical pillars check plumb.

7. Follow the crown for the same size and in the same manner as the lower ring of the boards.Put it on top of the posts and fasten with screws.

8. Now you can install the roof.The upper part of the vertical struts connect the bars, they sawed off the ends at an angle of 60 degrees to the axis, tighten screws of suitable length.

After the frame is created from the roof Making arbors

After the frame is created at the gazebo roof Making

roof is best done on the ground, and then install the finished design on the upper ring of the arbor.If you do decide to collect it at the top, then attach to the upper ring of the two boards, set them in the center of the support column, and then recalculate it and fix the guide bars.

The resulting crate obsheyte sheeting or wooden slats.

Garden furniture is almost ready to sheathe

Chatter is almost ready to sheathe

remains to produce flooring roofing material.The coating can be used for roof decking, shingles or other material of your choice.

9. planed planks railings, chamfer.The vertical pillars cut grooves and adjust them to the railing ..

10. Vertical columns paneling sheathe the one hand, or do grille

11.Chtoby gazebo retained its color for a long time, it is required toyou need to paint or varnish is not only to protect the wood, but also in order to make it look nice and cozy.

For more convenient and comfortable approach to the gazebo can be laid out a trail of stone blocks, and make a small porch

Now, your skill will be pleasantly surprised not only relatives, but also the guests.Hexagonal gazebo for garden where you can spend your time, to hide from the sun and rain, ready!Also recommend that you read about the arbor made of polycarbonate with their own hands.

Video - how to build a gazebo with your hands