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August 12, 2017 18:06

Garden furniture made ​​of polycarbonate with their hands

Gazebo at their summer cottage or in the yard of a private house - an important building, which often performs at the same time the role of a summer kitchen, living room, dining room, veranda, recreation areas.The gazebo dine inhabitants of the house, going to the guests, where you can hide from the summer heat and shelter from the wind or the rain fall.

sale is a lot of ready-made options arbors made of iron, wood and plastic.However, not all of them like customers, because it is often necessary to build an arbor on his own project.And the prices for finished items - bite.If you decide to build a pergola with his own hands, and have chosen for this purpose polycarbonate, this article is for you.

Garden furniture made ​​of polycarbonate with their hands

Arbour polycarbonate own hands

Polycarbonate: features material

  • All materials have some advantages.Wood, for example, warm, fine metal withstands wind and other decorative cloth materials.Polycarbonate is characterized by strength comparable to metal, cheaper, convenient for self-assembly and aesth
    etic looks.
  • He partially transmits light, creating a bright, bright, protected from rain, wind or sunlight space.
  • Polycarbonate - flexible material, to cope with which the strength to even non-professional builders.
  • Polycarbonate has a lot of shades, which means that the appearance of the gazebo will be original.An important property of polycarbonate - its smoothness: winter, snow slides, and in the summer - water.It does not rot like wood, it does not rust like metal.
  • Another advantage of the clear coat - delay ultraviolet rays.This reliable protection against rain, hail and summer weather.

Types of polycarbonate colors for building the gazebo

Types polycarbonate colors for building the gazebo

For building gazebos and sheds, greenhouses and fences used not monolithic and cellular polycarbonate.It is also called a cell, as a cell resemble a honeycomb.It is cheaper and can be bent monolithic.In the design must take into account that the stiffener web has to be positioned along the length of that moisture can drain off.It usually comes with instruction panels which indicate possible bending radius.If you do not comply with this condition, the panel may break.

Preparing to work with polycarbonate

Before buying the material needed:

  1. prepare a draft draw, will look like a self-made gazebo;
  2. Decide from which will be implemented support posts, roof rafters.

supports of wood less often, however, the wood quickly loses its beautiful appearance, will shrink or swell.Another disadvantage - a tree needs regular care, otherwise moisture and temperature changes rapidly destroy bearings.In order to preserve the properties of wood using impregnation.More often than not, used as supports, metal parts, tubes, profiles or corner.Durability of the carcass at the maximum, and requires little or no maintenance.

sketch of arbor

Sketch gazebo

After selecting frame allotted for the construction of pergolas mark out land, paying special attention to the space under the columns-support.The next phase - installation of the supports in the holes, centering and cement bay.If you want to pour a concrete pad, which will be the basis pergola, this should be done simultaneously with the installation of the pillars that structure was stronger.

If you are using metal corner, it can be joined not only by welding but also conventional bolts with nuts, pre-drilled holes in the support.Assembling the metal frame prior work with polycarbonate.

Before you fasten the polymer material, it is also necessary to prepare: cut into parts by marking the sizes.Portions of the walls, roof gazebo can be of different colors, so that eventually turned ornament.Polycarbonate Sheet carefully is marked with a pencil or crayons: it transferred all the contours of parts.The sheet can be cut - an ordinary knife, jigsaw, saw, hacksaw or a simple torch.It is necessary to mark the holes to connect the sheet metal substrate, so as not to waste time on it during installation.

worth thinking about whether or not the load on the roof of the gazebo made of polycarbonate is too large.Probably, it is necessary to strengthen the beam inside or plan extra support.

The roof is made ​​of polycarbonate for gazebo

roof for pergola Polycarbonate

Installation polycarbonate

is finalizing the construction of the arbor with their hands - installation of transparent polycarbonate parts.Sheets can not fix the entire length using point fixing.Perfect hardware - it screws for metal, under which you want to put a pad of rubber or washer.It is necessary that the screws are not breached honeycomb fabric through.During the installation of better linking the details of their polymer overlap, because if you make a butt joint in the gap will flow water.Sometimes more openwork shapes, transparency, ease of construction, the walls of the knife cut in pattern.The curved holes and holes is sunlight, and the whole design looks interesting.

Driving Polycarbonate mounting

Installation diagram polycarbonate

addition to screws, use special straps by which cellular fabric is securely fixed in the grooves of the retaining straps, and can be removed if necessary.If not enough simply grooved fasteners for perimeter sealant can be added, which is firmly stick together and seal the entire structure.

mount process to perform better together, since polycarbonate is difficult to bend, hold and secure one.Not bad, if there is another couple of hands to help with installation.

There is a second way of mounting a polymer coating: the so-called wet method.It is used when you want to lay a flat surface or a pitched roof.In the pre-installed frame is applied to the polymer mastic, which fit polycarbonate.He then pressed to dry and later additionally sealed coating composition.If enough such attachment, beat on top (screwed) retaining strap.

Fixing polycarbonate

polycarbonate Mounting

tips when working with polycarbonate
  • sure to install on large canvases polivolokna on a windless day.Otherwise, it is likely to fly along with a sheet, or break it - sail and ease of this material are known to all.
  • After completion need to remove dust and chips from the cavity plates.
  • Holes are drilled in the ribs.
  • make holes closer to the edge 4 cm undesirable.
  • material ends than the bottom, it is required to close hermetically profile from aluminum or plastics material.The bottom should be open to come out accumulating moisture.
  • arched roof structure assumes that the stiffeners have to go through an arc.
  • addition to the above, there are corner, the ridge and wall profiles, which are used as appropriate.
  • Transparent sheets bask in the sun and expand less than color.
Video - how to build a gazebo for 1 day