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August 12, 2017 18:06

Make a washbasin in the country with their own hands - instruction

Holiday in the country - the best pastime in the summer season.But alas, when in the country there are no elementary conditions for hygiene, fun can be spoiled.It is very important to have a wash basin in the country working to, if necessary, can be washed and vegetables and wash myself after work.

do it yourself, holiday washbasin owners save money, it looks the way you want, and most importantly - you can brag to your friends: behold, he fashioned!

Wash your hands to give

Wash your own hands to give

Choice design washbasin

By design washbasin to testify can be anything:

  1. with a mirror or without mirror;
  2. with cabinet for toiletries or without it;
  3. above the sink can be a hook for towels;
  4. next to the sink can make a stand under the dishes;
  5. downspouts can be opened or removed to a special "apron".
  6. choice depends only on you, stop acts only imagination and your needs.
Summer wash basin with tank

Suburban washbasin with tank

frame steel sink better to do that was a margin of safety, because the tree as opposed to the metal exposed to

fungal diseases and rot.Conch experts recommend a dacha construction made of aluminum or plastic, stone or earthenware options are best not to take in view of their high weight and fragility.

Before starting work on creating washbasin recommend sketch sketch a rough picture of how should look like a wash basin and what elements have to be installed on the Nei.this will help you avoid wasting time, resources, and most importantly - the nerves.Only after a plan of action can proceed to the assembly and installation of the necessary details.

After creating a frame sink, you need to think carefully about the water drainage system of the car wash.where and through which water will flow?To create a drainage system, we need a sink, corrugated pipe to drain the water, the rubber gasket for connection to the pipe cleaning and storage capacity, which will drain the water.The ordinary can be used as a bucket to drain the tank, and can hold the pipe in the drain hole of the toilet, for example.Option with a bucket is easy to implement, but you need to constantly empty the bucket.creation of a system with a pipe and a pit more difficult to implement, but you get rid of unpleasant odors and the need to make a bucket.

After solving drainage problems, go to the production of table tops (if, of course, necessary).Version with worktop is more than a fixed option to install these cottages washbasins is recommended once every few years.If the entire structure consists of a sink and drain, then it can easily be moved around the site at least every day.

Washbasin with top

washbasin with top

Types countertops under washbasin

There are three options for countertops, depending on the material.Wooden vanity - a classic cottage construction.He is good, beautiful, but short-lived, given the environmental factors (temperature changes, humidity, precipitation).To prolong the life of such a structure requires treatment with special materials that prevent rotting.

option of shuttering plywood looks good, but is worth a king's ransom.moreover, also as veneer wood, afraid of water.The best option - Solid polikorbonata.This material is easily accessible and its services is quite a long time.Not for nothing from it build a greenhouse.

Next you need to decide what you are going to store clean water.You can set top washbasin large canister and priladit her normal tap, but it is a very standard solution, so if you want to have something different, then this option is not for you.The variant with the connection to the pump and the creation of water pumping system, but to make such a system can not everyone.The best option is to connect the sink to the water barrel or container summer shower.

Interesting worktop

interesting countertop

Some artists make the sinks with heated water.Most often, in this case all the heated water is available.Although if you think about this issue more carefully, it can be almost like a wash basin in a city apartment: with separate hot and cold water.In any event, heated washbasin has a water tank installed in the tub and an ordinary electric heating element.especially useful for heating water is in spring and autumn, when to wash your hands in cold water is not very nice.

washbasin Whatever you did not do for his house, he must improve the quality of your stay in the garden area and gives additional comfort to you and your loved ones.

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