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August 12, 2017 18:06

Children's sandbox to give their own hands - a turn-based technology

Dear subscribers site.Today, we will examine the construction of the sandbox for our favorite fidgets, but all in order.So, let's begin.

agree that it is very comfortable when the whole family gathers at the cottage at the weekend and enjoy a comfortable family atmosphere, away from the city noise.But if an adult for comfort do not have much, someone comfortable sofa, someone hammock in the open air or have a good time in a comfortable gazebo, the children need play and have fun , instead of sitting bored with a book in a beautiful sunnyday.The solution to this will be to make the sandbox in our country.

Make a sandbox to give your hands

Make a sandbox to give their hands

Making simple square wooden sandbox

To make a simple sandbox we need pieces of wood, in the amount of 4 pieces.The width of the bars should be from 30-50 cm, depending on how much you want to fill up the sand in our sandbox.Sometimes it is necessary to ask the children if they want to dig tunnels, or just settle for the manufacture of watch t

owers, which are obtained from young children's buckets.

Wooden boards for the manufacture of the frame of the sandbox

Wooden boards for the manufacture of the frame of the sandbox

next stage - the bond of our boards into a single framework for the sandbox.It is worth noting that the frame in any case it is not necessary to fasten the nails, because children like to sit on the boards and in time they will begin to diverge, so bundle the frame as reliable as possible.

way: Boards shaping framework is impregnated with an antiseptic for wood.This is to ensure that the boards are not decayed under the influence of time and nature.

So when the frame is half ready to start doing the seating position of our children.It is best that they are on the edges of the wooden frame.They also impregnate antiseptic for wood.

Seats are made of 4 boards 12 cm wide and 90 cm long, fastened to the frame with screws sidushki sandbox with the help of screws.

Making Seats in the sandbox

Make sidushki sandbox

Once the framework is completely ready to start doing the cover for the sandbox, it is necessary to protect the sand from non-invited guests: cats, dogs, etc.Who will try in every way a fancy to our building, going to the toilet in it. Speaking of the toilet, the toilet can see the drawing on our website.

addition cover the sandbox will be useful to protect the sand from skomkivaniya remember as a child the sandbox with soft sand was very popular from the sandbox with sand which is already stale and hardened.

To produce the cover we need pieces of wood, similar to the ones that we used to create sidushki.

Cover for sandbox

cover sandboxes

next step - is divided into two types:

  1. If you install a sandbox in the ground, then dig a small area and set to the frame.Then pour the sand.
  2. Installation frame on wheels.If you're doing a mobile sandbox, then the bottom of the frame to screw the roller wheels - this will move our sandbox on the site.
Note!When making - mobile, mobile sandbox sure to fasten the bottom of our skeleton.
The resulting wooden sandpit

The resulting wooden sandpit

In this process of building a wooden sandbox is completed, you can now paint our framework.

stained frame

stained frame

Next, paint the lid and enjoy the result, which we have made with their own hands.

stained cover

stained cover

Sandbox for a boy - Option 2 This option

sandbox we specifically called boyish!Why boys ?.When we say a sandbox for boys - recalls his childhood, namely battles with watchtowers, soldiers, defense, sand castle, roads, tunnels, and other items that we created to simulate a small state in our sandbox.

Therefore, this version of our construction we will do with the abundance of different buildings that will enthrall our fidgets.

Sandbox for boys

Sandbox for boys

This is such a beautiful sandbox can be showing a little imagination and creativity.With regard to the construction technology a sandbox with their hands , then it can be done from wooden pegs, which are successively set in the dug pit and fasten the cement pouring.

the way to the construction it is desirable to draw a layout drawing.Best of all - it's to do with your kids in the process of drawing the layout of the joint - you know their needs and requests, respectively, in the later can take them into account and to bring to life.

Drawing on paper sandbox

drawing sandbox on

paper Photo Children's sandboxes

Sandbox in the form of a ship

Sandbox in the form of a ship


Children sandpit from old stumps

Sandbox as well

Sandbox as well

Video - beautiful sandbox for the baby

Thus children's sandbox - this is a very useful thing in the country, which is under the power to make and novice gardeners.Join our group and stay informed about our latest updates!